Late Company


Debora and Michael’s dinner guests are late. About one year late. That’s because it’s taken all this time for the couple to even dare to come face to face with Tamara and Bill, and their teenage son Curtis – the bully they believe is responsible for the suicide of their own son Joel.

For Debora and Michael, tonight is a nerve-racking step towards coming to terms with their loss; for Tamara and Bill, it’s a meeting they’ve been dreading but never expected to ever happen; and for Curtis, it’s going to be the worst dinner of his life.

Redemption, forgiveness and closure are on the menu, but first they all have to get through the main course of blame, shame and retribution. As everyone takes a turn in the hot seat for their real or imagined role in the tragedy, painful accusations are served and shocking secrets are spilled. And all through dinner, the spectre of Joel looms over a night that will change everyone’s lives forever.

Chillingly comic, nail-bitingly tense and provocatively polarizing, LATE COMPANY shines a stark light on our mutating 21st century society and volatile youth culture, and asks the urgent question: are we too late?

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Directed by
Tracie Pang

Written by
Jordan Tannahill

Janice Koh
Karen Tan
Adrian Pang
Edward Choy
Xander Pang

IMDA Rating
Advisory 16 (mature content)

Victoria Theatre
22 Feb – 10 Mar 2019

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