Next To Normal

Next To Normal

Winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, Next To Normal is an electrifying and exhilarating piece of theatre – “much more than a feel-good musical: it is a feel-everything musical. A brave, breathtaking musical!” (The New York Times)

Next To Normal tells the extraordinary roller-coaster story of Diana (Sally Ann Triplett), a woman battling bipolar disorder coupled with schizophrenic hallucinations; and her hapless husband Dan (Adrian Pang), who fights to keep her mind stable and his family intact. Things get even more complicated when Diana defies her Doctor (Juan Jackson), and resorts to desperate measures.

Diana’s and Dan’s struggles put a strain on their relationship with their teenage daughter Natalie (Julia Abueva), who is herself barely coping with her own growing pains and blossoming relationship with her boyfriend, Henry (Linden Furnell). Meanwhile Diana has created a superhero-like image for her son Gabe (Nathan Hartono) – who is not all that he may seem… “Normal” is not a word you’d use to describe this family.

Next To Normal is a bold and beautiful musical that dares to deal with themes in ways that are profoundly moving and surprisingly comic, resulting in one of the most original and powerful pieces of theatre in modern times – and Pangdemonium is very excited to be producing the Singapore premiere of this musical that is anything but normal.

Next To Normal

5 - 22 Sep 2013
Drama Centre Theatre

Drama Centre Theatre

5 - 22 Sep 2013


Music by
Tom Kitt

Book and Lyrics by
Brian Yorkey

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Sally Ann Triplett
Adrian Pang
Nathan Hartono
Julia Abueva
Linden Furnell
Juan Jackson

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