Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill

January, 2010.

A sexy, urbane young couple invite a motley gaggle of guests to their swanky upper-middle class home for a cosy dinner party. The food is high-end, the drinks are free-flowing, and the conversation is anything but.
As the evening unravels, so do the various relationships: the hosts’ passive aggressive marriage; the tone-deaf blind date between the eccentric neurotic and the neurotic eccentric; and the comically toxic affair between the wannabe actress and her sugar(-free) daddy.

As they party the night away, secrets, scandals and skeletons come tumbling out of the closet.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the world, an entire country is being destroyed…

A bitingly funny and alarmingly relevant social satire, Muswell Hill is a microcosm of us all – living lives of ignorant bliss and first world problems, while the rest of the world burns.

Muswell Hill

24 Jun - 10 Jul 2022
Drama Centre Theatre

Drama Centre Theatre

24 Jun - 10 Jul 2022

IMDA Rating
Advisory (Some Mature Content)


Directed by
Timothy Koh

Written by
Torben Betts

Jason Godfrey
Nikki Muller
Samantha Hum
Gavin Yap
Tia Andrea Guttensohn
Matt Grey

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#04-01, Singapore 486361