Dealer's Choice

A motley crew of men come together to laugh about life, argue about women, and fight about everything else. Their comic high-jinks lead to a game of poker…except that for these men, poker is never just a game: for Stephen (Adrian Pang) poker is an obsessive power trip; for Sweeney (Daniel Jenkins) it’s a distraction from his domestic dilemmas; for Frankie (Keagan Kang) it’s an extension of his manhood; for Carl (Julian Low) it’s a hopeless addiction; for Mugsy (Andy Tear) it’s an escape from his loser’s life; and for Ash (Daniel York), it is his life…

What ace does Stephen have up his sleeve? What’s the dicey deal between Frankie and Sweeney? What’s the secret relationship between Carl and Ash? And what is it with Mugsy and toilets??? This seemingly innocent poker session turns into survival of the fittest, to find out who will outwit, outplay, outlast. And by the end of the night, as the delicate house of cards crumbles, the men are separated from the boys. Directed by Tracie Pang, you will find that Dealer’s Choice is one of those rare comic gems that is hilarious, heartfelt and highly suspenseful.

Dealer’s Choice won the Writers’ Guild Award for Best West End Play and the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy

Dealer's Choice

29 Sep - 16 Oct 2011
Drama Centre Theatre

Drama Centre Theatre

29 Sep - 16 Oct 2011


Written by
Patrick Marber

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Keagan Kang
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel York
Andy Tear
Julian Low

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