Pangdemonium brings you one of theatre’s most celebrated and critically-acclaimed modern classics. Patrick Marber’s CLOSER is a sophisticated, savvy, and darkly funny play that casts a steely, unblinking gaze at modern relationships. It is a world in which the line between love and lust is often blurred, honesty is frequently not the best policy, and people with choices almost always make the wrong one.

The lives of Alice, Anna, Dan and Larry intertwine in a web of passion, deception and ultimately self-destruction, revealing how our most primal needs are often the most elusive. And in the end it is all about one thing – LOVE.

DAN: What do you want?
ALICE: To be loved.
DAN: That simple?
ALICE: It’s a big want.

Anyone who has loved with an obsession, anyone who has experienced jealousy and betrayal, and anyone who understands that passion can manifest itself in pure ecstasy or the deepest despair, will relish this play’s deliciously dark humour, and be moved by its uncompromising honesty. CLOSER is a bold and unflinching examination of everything that makes us all so fragile, so flawed, and so human.


17 Feb - 6 Mar 2011
DBS Arts Centre

DBS Arts Centre

17 Feb - 6 Mar 2011


Written by
Patrick Marber

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Tan Kheng Hua
Keagan Kang
Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie

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