Muswell Hill


A pair of attractive and urbane hosts and their motely gaggle of guests gather for a dinner party in an upper-middle class home. The food is high-end, and the drinks are free-flowing, but the conversation is anything but…

And as the evening unravels, so do the various relationships: the hosts’ passive aggressive marriage; the flirtatious “blind date” between a neurotic and an eccentric; and the toxic engagement between a wannabe actress and her much older lover.

And at the other corner of the world, a natural disaster has ruined an entire community.

A bitingly funny and alarmingly relevant social satire, Muswell Hill is a microcosm of us all – living lives of ignorant bliss and first world problems, while the rest of the world burns.


Directed by
Timothy Koh

Written by
Torben Betts


IMDA Rating

24 Jun - 10 Jul 2022