Pre-Event Testing (PET) – FAQ

Under the current guidelines, Pre-Event Testing (PET) will be necessary for live performances in August unless you are fully vaccinated.

I bought tickets to THE MOTHER for June/July but I haven’t heard from SISTIC on the new dates. What do I do? 
SISTIC has sent an email to all ticket holders with information on the new performance date and seat numbers. If you are unable to make the date you have been allocated, kindly contact SISTIC directly at 6348 5555.

What is a Pre-Event Test (PET)? 
A “Pre-Event Test” refers to a COVID-19 test taken by an attendee or patron who wishes to enter a venue where selected events, businesses, or activities are being held. This attendee or patron must have a valid negative COVID-19 test result taken within a specified period of time, before being allowed to enter the venue or participate in the event, business, or activity.

What test will I be taking for PET? 
You will be taking an Antigen Rapid Test (ART). ART’s quicker turnaround time gives you more assurance that your visit to the theatre will be covered by the remaining validity period of the test, after receiving the result.  For info, the time from swab registration to notification of results is typically around 30 minutes for ART.
Source: MOH

How is the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) different from PCR?  
ARTs are point-of-care tests that look for proteins on the virus surface. ARTs can yield fairly accurate results within 30 mins. They involve using nasal swab from the lower part of nose.

PCR tests detect the presence of viral genetic material in a sample. The process can take one to two days. This may not be feasible for pre-event testing. It can also be costly and requires trained personnel and specialised equipment to administer. Swabs are taken from the back of nose, or the back of throat.

Where will the PET take place? 
The PET will take place onsite at the Victoria Theatre. Information on booking the time slot will be sent to you via email.

Will I have to pay for PET on my own? 
Pangdemonium will bear the cost of the PET.

If I have been vaccinated, am I still required to do PET? 
PET will only be exempted if you have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before the performance date you are attending.

Example: If your second dose is on 31 July, we advise to purchase tickets for 14 August. 

I do not want to go for PET, can I still come for the show? 
Under the current MOE guidelines, PET is necessary for all live performances. Please visit for details.

What if I am late for my PET?  
Please be punctual for your PET time slot. The test results will be available within 15-20 minutes. If you are late, you will only be allowed admission at a suitable pause.

I have not been receiving email updates from Pangdemonium. What do I do? 
Please ensure that you check the Inbox or Spam folder of the email address tied to your SISTIC account. If the email has been sent to your Spam folder, please add or our domain “” to your Email Safe Senders List, Address Book or Contact List to continue receiving Season Ticket notifications in your Inbox.

For more details regarding PET, visit  

If you have further enquiries, please email