PangsGiving 2019

Dinner at 30 amazing restaurants hosted by one of our Pangdemonium friends. One massive party to end the night. And you’re invited.

28 November 2019

Taking place on the date of American Thanksgiving, PangsGiving 2019 captures the best bits of a fundraising ball and kicks the rest to the curb.

PangsGiving will start off with dinner. At 30 of the coolest restaurants over Singapore. Hosted by a pair of Pangdemonium friends. All at the same time.

Afterwards, everyone will converge at Phuture (Zouk), where you will meet each other to sing, drink and dance the night away.

All proceeds will go towards the work that Pangdemonium has been doing for almost 10 years – taking people on ass-kicking adventures in theatre!

It’s going to be PANGdemonium.

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