A major component of Pangdemonium’s mission is to nurture aspiring artists and theatre practitioners. We want to provide opportunities for emerging talents to work with, and learn from, industry professionals, in a challenging and inspiring environment.

The Pangdemonium-CityNeon NextGen Education Programme is our community outreach initiative created to do just that. With this very practical as well as instructive series of specialised workshops and master classes in various theatre disciplines, we aim to reach out to the community, fuel the creative instincts of young minds, cultivate the passion for the art of story-telling on stage, and share hands-on experience in the craft of theatre making.

In 2014, we launched our inaugural Triple Threats Musical Theatre Workshop and Showcase, mentored by US-trained actor and professional Musical Theatre teacher Caleb Goh, and Musical Director Joanne Ho. The workshop was a roaring success and we have been holding it annually ever since.

In 2017, we launched Write Here, Write Now, our Playwriting Mentorship programme, where we selected a promising applicant for a prestigious, year-long, one-on-one mentorship with Stephanie Street to write a full length play.

In 2018, we formally consolidated all internships and apprenticeships under the umbrella of the Apprenticeship Programme.

We believe these programmes create a legacy of future generations of theatre professionals, sowing seeds for a more vibrant and progressive theatre industry, and paving the way towards a greater love of the arts among our community.

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LAMDA Education Programme

Pangdemonium brings their own creative flair to the LAMDA syllabus, offering a variety of programmes for all age groups with each programme tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Holiday Workshops

Experience working with some of Singapore theatre’s most creative industry professionals! Introducing our holiday workshops, Creating for Stage and Creating for Screen, where students get to write, produce and perform their own material for two different styles of dramatic medium, with a Pangdemonium twist.

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Triple Threats Musical Theatre Workshop

Our Triple Threats Musical Theatre Workshop is designed for youths aged 13 to 19, who are interested in musical theatre. The programme aims to impart the fundamentals of storytelling through music, expression through song, vocal instruction and movement culminating in a special showcase. Our Triple Threats alumni have gone on to programmes in LASALLE and made their professional debut in shows like Fun Home and The Great Wall Musical.

Applications are now CLOSED for 2020

Write Here, Write Now

Our Write Here, Write Now Playwriting Mentorship is open to aspiring writers of all ages. Up to three promising applicants will be selected for this prestigious one-on-one mentorship that gives them the opportunity to work with our Artist-in-Residence and playwright Stephanie Street, who wrote Dragonflies which won Production of the Year at the Life! Theatre Awards. With her guidance, mentees will produce a full-length play, which may be considered for staging and/or submission to playwriting competitions.

Applications are now CLOSED for 2020.

Apprenticeship Programme

Our Apprenticeship Programme offers a full-time, production-long, professional experience for highly motivated and committed individuals who are looking to bridge the gap between their academic experience and a professional career in theatre. We offer apprenticeships in Stage Management, Production Management, Arts Management, as well as an exclusive programme in Lighting Design.

Applications are now closed for 2020

Stage Management Workshop

Prepare yourself for an exciting career in Theatre Production & Management in this online workshop as we take you ‘backstage’ to learn the ropes of being a Stage Manager.

Applications are now CLOSED.