Message from our Season Sponsor

DBS is proud to be the Season Sponsor of the iconic Singaporean theatre production company Pangdemonium.

2018 is a milestone year for DBS as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. Standing at this juncture of history, and taking stock of the last five decades, we can’t help but be a little emotional at how far our nation – this place we call home – has come.

Neither does it escape us that this home we’ve built, this little red dot, punches above her weight. For all of us at DBS, this stands out because in so many ways, our own story is intertwined with Singapore’s. From financing Singapore’s first shopping mall, to nurturing businesses and helping individuals realise their dreams, we’ve witnessed and participated in the rise of this citystate, through tumultuous and prosperous times.

It is our privilege to present Pangdemonium’s 2018 season, with its theme of HOPE and HOME. No matter how uncertain times are, there are constants that matter, whether one’s roots, or the value of kinship and friendship. It is our hope that these will continue to stand the test of time, anchor us and propel us forward. We invite you to join us in unleashing the spark within each one of us and boldly taking on what lies ahead.

Sim S. Lim
Singapore Country Head
DBS Bank