2017 FAQ

1.What is the Pangdemonium Season Ticket?

The Pangdemonium Season Ticket is a subscription package that gets you one ticket to all three shows of our season at a single discounted price. On top of huge savings, the Season Ticket gives you priority access to book seats before shows go on sale to the public, flexibility of changing your booking, an exclusive VIP Party Night invitation to our and special deals with our partner organisations.

The Cat 1 Season Ticket entitles you to one Cat 1 ticket per show of the 2017 Season. The Cat 2 Season Ticket entitles you to one Cat 2 ticket per show. The Gala Special entitles you to a Cat 1 ticket to our Gala Night performance and exclusive festivities – normally by invitation only.

2. Where exactly are the Cat 1 and Cat 2 seats?

Seating Plans (with category breakdown)

*Seating is subject to slight change depending on set design

3. I bought the Season Ticket awhile ago but still haven’t heard from you. 

If you were the purchaser of your Season Ticket(s) but are not receiving emails from ticketing@pangdemonium.com, do write in and let us know! Our emails could be going to your spam/junk. Add “ticketing@pangdemonium.com”  or our domain “@pangdemonium.com” to your Email Safe Senders List, Address Book or Contact List to continue receiving Season Ticket notifications in your Inbox.

4. How do I book my tickets for the 2017 shows? 

We have a new booking process for 2017. One month before public sales for each show, we will send you a private SISTIC link. All you have to do is visit the link, select your preferred date and seats, and redeem your Season Ticket. An e-ticket to your selected show will then be emailed to you. Bring it along to the theatre to have it scanned and enjoy the show!

5. How will I get my actual theatre ticket for the show?

All you have to do is print out the e-ticket sent to you or download it to your mobile device. Bring it along to the theatre to have it scanned and enjoy the show! Collection of tickets at the theatre foyer will no longer be a feature of the Season Ticket in 2017.

6. Does this mean that we have no more cards?

Yes, we are doing away with physical cards this year.

7. How do we enjoy Season Ticket exclusive deals then?

Simply flash your SISTIC Confirmation Email that clearly states your purchase of the Pangdemonium 2017 Season Ticket. (example)

8. What if I would like to change my booking date?

Simply submit a change form. We will release your current booking and original e-ticket will become void. You will be notified once your current booking is released and you can rebook your seats.

Please note: We do not accept requests for changes less than 72 hours before your scheduled performance. To secure the best remaining seats, please submit the booking form as soon as your plans change.

9. What if I would like to sit with someone who purchased their Season Tickets in a separate transaction from mine?

You can either select seats next to each other when booking your seats on SISTIC or submit a special request form that can be found on our Pangdemonium website and we will help you process the seating.

Do note that in this case, your booking will not be processed instantly as if you were to do so on SISTIC yourself. 

10. What if I would like to sit with friends who are not Season Ticket holders?

Once public sales are open, you can redeem your Season Ticket next to your friend’s public purchase.

If you have friends that you normally attend the theatre with, we suggest that you urge them to purchase the Season Ticket as well. That way, all of you can get priority access to seats!

11. I bought a Cat 1 Season Ticket, can I sit with someone who holds a Cat 2 Season Ticket? (Or vice versa)

No, only Season Tickets of the same price category can be seated together. No changes can be made once the Season Ticket has been purchased.

12. What can I do if I miss the show that I had booked?

Unfortunately, we are unable to exchange your ticket for a show that has passed. Once a performance passes, tickets are void. If you have missed your scheduled show date, you will need to purchase another ticket to see the show.

13. Can I get a refund on tickets that I do not use?

Refunds are not offered on tickets once they are booked. Your tickets will be considered used even if you miss the performance and hence we will be unable to give you a refund on your ticket.

14. Can I get a refund on my Season Ticket once I’ve bought it?

No, the Season Ticket is non-refundable.

If you have any other questions, please email the Ticketing Team at ticketing@pangdemonium.com.