“A rollicking celebration of music and freedom, this musical comedy is a star vehicle for young actress Kaye, who is quite the revelation as the gifted LV.”

Corrie Tan, ST Life!


The Rise & Fall of Little Voice tells the story of a shy, reclusive girl named LV – or Little Voice (played by the extraordinary Mina Kaye) - and her larger than life, boozy, out-of-control mother Mari (Denise Tan). Desperately missing her dead father, LV spends her time locked in her bedroom listening to his old record collection and perfecting astonishing impersonations of famous divas including Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, Barbra Streisand, Edith Piaf, and Judy Garland...

When Mari starts dating sleazy, small time "talent scout” Ray Say (Adrian Pang), she thinks he’s her chance for a better life. When Ray hears LV sing, he thinks she’s his ticket to the big time. Meanwhile, LV finds comfort and companionship in Billy (Shane Mardjuki), a young man who is just as socially awkward, and an oddball romance blooms. As showtime draws closer, the stage is set for LV’s stunning debut performance – and a showdown that will change everyone’s lives.

The Rise & Fall of Little Voice won the Laurence Olivier Award for 'Best Comedy', and the Evening Standard Award for 'Best Comedy', and was adapted into an acclaimed film. With a humorous and heartwarming story, colourful characters and wonderful music, this production will be the Asian Premiere of this very special show, and marks Pangdemonium’s first production set in Singapore!


Written by
Jim Cartwright

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Rishi Budhrani
Mina Kaye
Siti Khalijah
Shane Mardjuki
Adrian Pang
Denise Tan


  • “Pangdemonium is on a roll! THE RISE & FALL OF LITTLE VOICE has hit another homerun for the company. This must rank as one of Pangdemonium's most adventurous efforts. Mina Kaye is a revelation...her voice is simply stunning. Directed by Tracie Pang, LITTLE VOICE is a well-executed production that scores in nearly every department. ”
    — Debbie Yong, Business Times
  • “LITTLE VOICE is a wonderful production with a stellar cast, an impressive revolving set, great music, clever adaptation, and most importantly, an uplifting and triumphant story which warms the heart...Boy, have Pangdemonium nailed the casting this time. If there’s just one reason to witness this production, it would be to see Mina Kaye take on the role of LV and seeing her transform from shy, quiet girl to magnificent diva...nothing short of extraordinary...one of those moments that remind you why you step into the theatre. ”
    — Buttons In The Bread
  • “Goosebump-inducing moments in Pangdemonium’s wonderful new production THE RISE & FALL OF LITTLE VOICE......heartbreak of a story about finding and setting free one’s inner voice...wonderful adaptation by Adrian Pang...Kaye is simply perfect as LV...jaw-droppingly mesmerising...we don’t think it’d be too farfetched to say that in Kaye’s lead debut, a star is born. 4/5 Stars. ”
    — Mayo Martin, TODAY
  • “Pangdemonium has struck gold again. Producing one hit show after another is far from an easy task, and we’re constantly amazed by how Pangdemonium makes it look so effortless. The powerhouse theatre company blew us away yet again with THE RISE & FALL OF LITTLE VOICE.”
    — Popspoken
  • “A rollicking celebration of music and freedom, this musical comedy is a star vehicle for young actress Kaye, who is quite the revelation as the gifted LV.”
    — Corrie Tan, ST Life!
  • “A Pangdemonium production not to be missed! A solid theatrical show. Congratulations to director and producer Tracie Pang - you have a vision which brings good (if not great), fun and entertaining theatre to Singapore. ”
    — John Gordon, The Finder
  • “Another feather in Pangdemonium's already very feathery cap. Mina Kaye turns in a truly great performance and steals the show. The adaptation is delightfully clever...THE RISE & FALL OF LITTLE VOICE is another success for Pangdemonium! ”
    — Selina Chong, The Flying Inkpot

Power to the People

  • “Pangdemonium is really full of surprises! With LITTLE VOICE, they yet again prove why they are Singapore's most exciting theatre company: Director Tracie Pang again demonstrates her remarkable skills by drawing out knock-out performances from her cast. And Pangdemonium continues their campaign to provide platforms for young performers to shine - Mina Kaye is stunning. But LITTLE VOICE also represents a brand new challenge for Pangdemonium, tonally and stylistically, and they succeed beautifully. It is wonderfully adapted to Singapore - a first for them, as they have refused to bow to pressure from blinkered individuals who insist on "localization", wisely avoiding transposing their previous shows to Singapore, until they found this perfect story to do so. Having made a name for themselves by bravely and successfully tackling gritty and difficult subjects, Pangdemonium is truly demonstrating their impressive breadth and range of repertoire by producing this superbly entertaining romp that is both laugh-out-loud and tear-jerking, with good old fashioned story-telling, larger-than-life characters, top-notch production values in every department, and ultimately a poignant and important message. A wonderful theatrical experience. If you miss it, you've missed out!”
    — Pamela Hong
  • “To be totally honest, I wasn't sure how well this play would translate with a Singaporean cast, but my doubts were totally squashed after I watched the show last night. I just want to congratulate you on an absolutely first class production. The actors were expertly and perfectly cast and the added Singaporean touches were hilarious. It completely exceeded my expectations and I'm so disappointed I didn't see it earlier so I could recommend it to all my friends. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for such a great night - you did Jim Cartwright proud!”
    — Jade McLean
  • “My 4th Pangdemonium show and still going strong. thoroughly entertained and impressed by the consistently strong performances from the cast and excellent production values. Watching Mina Kaye finally find her own voice in her cathartic final scenes will probably go down in my memory as one of the most triumphant scenes I've ever witnessed. Cleverly localized, well-paced and hitting all the right notes at the right moments. Hat off to Pangdemonium for schooling us on what good theatre is about!”
    — Marchmochi
  • “LITTLE VOICE was spectacular!!! Wonderful blend of brilliant comedy and unexpected poignancy! Pangdemonium nails it yet again :)”
    — Vanessa Koh
  • “We saw this show last night. It was extremely funny yet also very moving, raucous yet subtle, and brilliantly adapted to a Singaporean setting. Superb musical performances from LV, but also from every single member of the cast...thoroughly enjoyable. Don't miss it.”
    — Ellie Alchin
  • “Another extremely engaging, entertaining, and fantastic show by Tracie and Adrian Pang! I'm still basking in the afterglow of watching a wonderful theatre performance The Rise and Fall of Little Voice- Highly recommended!"”
    — Wendy Yeow
  • “What a joy and pleasure it was to watch this play! Well done! The ensemble of actors were thoughtfully put together, the comedy was nicely interspersed, and the poignant moments were skillfully weaved in. The mark of true genius.”
    — Manoj Nandwani
  • “This show is nearly flawless, with fine writing, six terrific performances, another of Pangdemonium’s spectacular sets, and Mina Kaye really can sing those divas - and that is an evening of theatre in itself!”
    — Jake Jacobs
  • “Rise and Fall of Little Voice was my VERY first local production. The very first...and IT WAS GREAT!! I am really so proud of you guys. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to me that night. Thank you for letting those with dreams keep on going. Most importantly, thank you for letting me know that my dreams are not just dreams. I will definitely go to more of your productions. THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!”
    — Yvonne Quek
  • “Do your heart some good and go see Pangdemonium's THE RISE & FALL OF LITTLE VOICE. Laugh, cry and be in awe of some phenomenal talent.”
    — Steve Lai