“Shocking, sinister, and so very good.”

Business Times


In 2007 an acclaimed production of this play was staged in Singapore, directed by Tracie Pang, and was described in a Flying Inkpot review as “absolutely unmissable”. A decade later, in response to overwhelming demand from our audiences, we are thrilled to announce the return of THE PILLOWMAN.

A writer of short stories is being questioned by the police regarding a series of child murders. What do his stories have to do with the gruesome deaths? Why is his brother, a gentle man-child with special needs, being locked up in the next room? Exactly who, or what, is “The Pillowman”? And “what’s in the box?”...

As the interrogation escalates, terrifying tales are told, buried bogeymen are resurrected, and it becomes impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. A nail-biting, nightmarish nursery story for grownups, THE PILLOWMAN will have you squirming on the edge of your seats even as you howl with laughter.

THE PILLOWMAN won the Olivier Award for Best New Play, and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best New Foreign Play.


Written by
Martin McDonagh

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Daniel Jenkins
Shane Mardjuki
Andy Tear


  • “Shocking, sinister, and so very good…we don’t give star ratings for our theatre reviews, but if we did, Pangdemonium’s The Pillowman gets the full five stars. An extremely potent production that’s compelling, horrifying and funny all at once. Daniel Jenkins gives a meticulous, committed, career-high performance, with excellent support from Adrian Pang, Shane Mardjuki and Andy Tear. The additional casting of Bright Ong, Victoria Mintey and Prudence Rivero takes the play to another level of terror and gruesomeness. From a technical standpoint, Pangdemonium continues to set the bar higher. Compared to the version presented 10 years ago, the current one is far more accomplished. It boasts gorgeous animation and graphic design by Mojo Studios, wall-to-wall sound design by Darren Ng, immaculate lighting by James Tan, and an ingenious set by Eucien Chia. Tracie Pang proves once again that when it comes to dark, disturbing tales, no theatre director here tells them better than she does. Once is hard pressed to think of a more technically polished dramatic production in recent months. If you’re a fan of dark tales, you’d be remiss not to watch this.”
    — Business Times
  • “Chilling, fascinating and stylish, The Pillowman shows the power and draw of a good horror story...The cast is impeccable. Jenkins makes the play as Katurian...Andy Tear is delightful and frightening...Pang and Mardjuki turn humour to tension on a dime, wringing gasps from mouths still open on the last laugh and prompting several cries during the more violent scenes. Eucien Chia's set is versatile and economical. Working with lighting by James Tan, it changes from a featureless interrogation room to a dank cell and even a forest when need be. Darren Ng's sound and music is a palpable, atmospheric presence, enhanced by slick, stark animation from Mojo Studio…with vicious humour and subtle compassion, The Pillowman quietly expresses the cyclical nature of abuse in what seems to be an ever-deepening, darkening spiral.”
    — The Straits Times
  • “Deftly helmed by the indomitable Tracie Pang and an incredible cast and creative team...Adrian Pang and Shane Mardjuki’s onstage chemistry is partly what makes The Pillowman so successful. Mastering their characters, Adrian brought out Tupolski’s snark and Shane brought out Ariel’s violent temperament, always verging on the edge of a full blown assault...it was the power of familial relationships that triumphs in mood over the overarching darkness of the play...Pangdemonium’s The Pillowman is yet another successful play, a difficult script to stage that would be a much lesser product in the hands of less capable people. But the cast and creative team handle the staging with aplomb, bringing the nightmares of the play to life in all its gruesome detail. There’s sufficient nightmare fuel in The Pillowman to keep you awake all night long, and yet, possesses a tenderness to the tragedy beneath it all that will make audiences ache with emotional pain. A bloody good way to start off their 2017 season, and a harbinger of more great shows to come.”
    — Bakchormeeboy
  • “Tough viewing – but well worth the rapt attention given by the packed audience...The Pangdemonium gang have treated the hardcore script with a flair and vim typical of their work – this is what has helped give the theatre group its well respected name in this town. True to form, lines are delivered snappily, direction is tight, and comedy overtones allow the audience to breathe now and then (even have a really good laugh, at times) as the bleak details of the dark plot unravel. I was impressed at how the four men held their poise and characters throughout the story... Artful stage direction keeps the audience hooked throughout, and the set, though minimal, was clever and emotive. The cast had our full attention; you could have heard a pin drop. True to Pangdemonium’s core values, it is a worthwhile and masterful piece of drama and earned the cast a standing ovation.”
    — Angloinfo
  • “You'd be a fool to miss PANGDEMONIUM's superb revival of Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman. Excellently paced and has one constantly on the edge of one's seat. Tracie Pang is alive to the many tales embedded within the contours of this large tale. She allows the monologues to shine and the sheer power of the words to transport us into another world, and is aided by an astonishing creative team. Eucien Chia's stark, versatile set, James Tan's nuanced lighting and Darren Ng's unnerving soundscapes go a long way in bringing the text to life. There are strong performances all round. Daniel Jenkins slips into the central role of Katurian like a second skin...Andy Tear turns in the finest performance of the evening, an affecting, endearing and ultimately harrowing piece of acting that haunts one long after the play. Adrian Pang moves effortlessly from flippant to ferocious (and) has the audience eating out of his hand. There is also excellent support by Bright Ong, Victoria Mintey and newcomer Prudence Rivero.”
    — Crystalwords

Power to the People

  • “Shock & Awe: Big love to pangdemonium for putting up such a bold piece. This was my first time watching The Pillowman and I was riveted by the excellent story-telling. It made me think about families, artists' rights, freedom of expression and what kind of world we want our kids to grow up in. Most of all, it made me grateful that I chose to spend 3.5 hours in such a meaningful way.”
    — Jade Kua
  • “Thank you to Pangdemonium for a night of gripping and poignant storytelling. What a story it is! One that demands every actor’s full focus and total stamina! One of the most intriguing and disturbing explorations of our humanity: the purpose of storytelling in today’s world, one that provokes us to consider with care before we decide on what and how we communicate “truths” to our children and the next generation. Bravo to the pangtastic duo Tracie and Adrian Pang for your heartwork, leadership and vision!!”
    — Patrick Sum
  • “Pair strong writing with a cast of truly professional veteran actors, and you have a production that moves you, stuns you, and leaves you breathless. Pangdemonium’s The Pillowman was 3 frickin' hours long, but it gripped me from start to end. To Daniel Jenkins, Adrian Pang, Shane Mardjuki & Andy Tear ~ BRAVO! And to the one never seen but always felt ~ you've done it again, Tracie Pang!”
    — Pam Ho
  • “The Pillowman was amazing! Incredibly brave and raw performances, stunning story-telling and the animation was unique and visually moving. Haven't seen anything quite like it before and I'll be following more of your work for sure. Congratulations and all the best for the rest of the run!”
    — Raya Dibs
  • “Once again, I'm a proud Pangdemonium Season Ticketholder. They really outdid themselves this time. Amazingly powerful performances & an insanely beautiful set to a killer script. It’s going to be a kickass 2017 season!”
    — Zai
  • “An absolute tour de force - loved every minute of this wonderfully dark and delightful play. Do yourself a favour and go catch it! I cannot recommend it enough!”
    — Brian Er
  • “I escaped for awhile. I escaped from the mundane, hard-to-love-but-nevertheless-must-be-loved mess that is our daily life into a whirlwind. I was enthralled; not entirely comforted, but hooked. And then, somehow, out of the darkness, the blackest part of humanity, there was hope. Pillowman is great. It really is. Do watch”
    — Jun Vinh Teoh
  • “I mean this in the very best way: I spent a lot of this show grabbing my face and covering my mouth in response to what I was EXPERIENCING. And I'd watched the last staging of it. The Pillowman - a great example of the magic and terror that live theatre can evoke.”
    — Edward Choy
  • “Congratulations to Adrian Pang, Tracie Pang and the rest of the cast and crew of The Pillowman. This show will traumatize you but also entertain and completely enthrall you. Brilliant acting, fabulous direction. As expected from a Pangdemonium show, a strong, take-no-prisoners, emotionally-charged and fiercely sharp production. See it now!”
    — Aun Koh
  • “I loved all 3 hours of it. I escaped, I was curious, I was me and not me, and if something can do that for me in today’s climate and also leave me with a goodie bag of your stories, and loving one another with determination, and the deadly power of creative acts - I fully believe it is worth your time and money. Go see it. Class act from all involved. The Pillowman may be what we humans need today. A little darkness to remind us we are capable of creating light.”
    — Thomas Pang