“Infectious energy from the cast, salty, raucous humour, confident song-and-dance numbers, a nifty set, and plenty of heart. It's hard not to leave theatre grinning from ear to ear and with a warm and fuzzy glow in the belly.”

Adeline Chia, ST Life!


THE FULL MONTY is a hilarious, feel-good, heart-warming musical comedy adapted from the Oscar-winning hit movie of the same name. Six desperate unemployed blue-collar workers, casualties of the recession, witness the local women’s enthusiasm for a touring troupe of Chippendales, and decide to band together to form their very own strip act and show the world that who bares wins!

The Broadway production was nominated for 9 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Now the Singapore Premiere, with an international team of talents, is set to create PANGDEMONIUM as it moves you, charms you, splits your sides, rocks your socks off and makes you wanna throw your undies on stage at our Mighty Monty Men!

So prepare to drop everything and come catch THE FULL MONTY!!!


Written by
Book by Terrence McNally
Music & Lyrics by David Yazbeck

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Ebi Shankara
Hossan Leong
Adrian Pang
Andy Hockley
Daniel Jenkins
Lim Yu-Beng
Celine Rosa Tan
Denise Tan
Carina Hales
Sheila Franciso
Zachary Pang
Xander Pang
George Chan
Candice De Rozario
Jo Tan
Seong Hui Xuan
Darius Tan
Richard Chia
Andrew Lua
Rishi Budhrani


  • “The Full Monty is pants-down the most fun I've had all year! This handsome, accomplished and shameless entertaining production is wildly enjoyable! Production values are top-notch in terms of set and light design, orchestration, costumes and choreography. Credit must go naturally to director Tracie Pang for pulling off such an ambitious endeavour. Pangdemonium's The Full Monty is testimony to how wonderfully right we can get it with the wealth of what we have here in Singapore. This is the inaugural production by Pangdemonium, set up by the husband-and-wife team of Adrian and Tracie Pang - I wish their new venture every success, especially if the quality of work produced continues to be of this high a standard!”
    — Kenneth Kwok, The Flying Inkpot
  • “Top-notch! A creatively-designed set, fantastic choreography, and outstanding acting. Director Tracie Pang deserves due credit for juggling all the elements in the production, making it well-rounded in al aspects. THE FULL MONTY didn't just meet expectations, it soared way past them! ”
    — Natalie Koh, Business Times
  • “Infectious energy from the cast, salty, raucous humour, confident song-and-dance numbers, a nifty set, and plenty of heart. It's hard not to leave theatre grinning from ear to ear and with a warm and fuzzy glow in the belly. ”
    — Adeline Chia, ST Life!

Power to the People

  • “FANTASTIC! As good as you would see on the West End or Broadway! Well done, everybody! Thanks for making tonight so memorable! ”
    — Helen Weaver
  • “EXCELLENT! I laughed my balls off! And my Mum laughed so hard she almost swallowed her teeth! Thanks for a GREAT show!”
    — Joseph Martin
  • “BRAVOOOOOOOOOO and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To the superb cast, musicians, creative people, staff and crew and the producers, KUDOS! As someone who hasn’t watched a theatre performance in years, this has got me wanting to start watching more! But only from the best – GO Pangdemonium! ”
    — Mallory Victoria Low
  • “The best theatre production I’ve seen in Singapore! It really re-ignited my love for the theatre. Thank you Tracie and Adrian! ”
    — Daniel Hutchinson
  • “The Full Monty was totally AMAZING!! Awesome set, awesome singing, and an awesome cast :D Congrats on a brilliant production! Finally, a world class production by a local company! Absolutely first rate! ”
    — Donny & Vilma Lim
  • “Quentin Tarantino made me fall in love with movies. Pangdemonium has just made me fall in love with theatre! I’m a Pangdemonium fan now! ”
    — Jave Loh
  • “BRILLIANT! I couldn’t be prouder of any other local production! Thanks for raising the bar! What a way to blast onto the theatrical scene! Spread the Pangdemonium! ”
    — Nalinee Barret
  • “The Full Monty was world class! Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT:) I've not clapped this enthusiastically for a long while, and I was hoarse by the end of the show because I laughed and screamed so much. Many thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable performance! ”
    — Sheryl Chen
  • “What a sensational debut! Fantastic show tonight...spot on casting, great vocals, wonderful direction, clever set and WOW...comic timing was faultless! Superb! Hats (and everything else ;p) off to Adrian, Tracie, cast & crew...can't wait for 'Closer' ”
    — Jacqueline Le Sueur
  • “Awesome! Our theatrical scene is brought up by another level. I’m really excited about Pangdemonium and what it will add to the theatre scene. Congratulations to The Full Monty team for a terrific piece of work. Great job!!! ”
    — Lindy Dong