“So f**ing brilliant, you really don't want to miss Pangdemonium's staging of this dark shark tale! No words will suffice to express the pleasure and the great entertainment that rendered me spellbound! ”



A Boss From Hell movie producer (Adrian Pang); a sexy, ambitious film maker (Janice Koh); a fish-out-of-water wannabe screenwriter (George Young)... each with a secret agenda. In the shark-infested waters of showbiz, it’s a matter of life and death. Someone is moving in for the kill...

SWIMMING WITH SHARKS is a suspenseful and savagely funny psycho-sexual tale of greed & lust, deception & revenge, paper cuts & wind-up toys. While set in the “fantasy world” of Hollywood, it will feel very real to those who live in the back-stabbing, bile-stained, blood-spattered world of office politics, and have seen how power makes monsters out of men.

Based on the acclaimed Kevin Spacey movie of the same name, SWIMMING WITH SHARKS is The Hunger Games (for grown-ups) meets The Apprentice meets Speed-The-Plow, and much more. It will take you on a nail-biting journey with deliciously wicked twists and turns - live on stage, in real 3D - leaving you gasping in astonishment at the shocking climax.


Written by
George Huang
Adapted for the stage by Michael Lesslie

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
George Young
Janice Koh
Daniel Jenkins
James Shubert
Shane Mardjuki
Melissa Faith Yeo
Crispian Chan


  • “Pangdemonium's production of SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, directed by Singapore-based British director Tracie Pang, cannot be more fitting and more engaging...excellent interpretation...effectively poignant.”
    — British Theatre Guide
  • “Another awesome production from Pangdemonium! I loved it! Phenomenal...worthy of a standing ovation! Kevin Spacey would be very pleased!”
    — Just Watch Lah
  • “Pangdemonium has never shied away from staging edgy plays that are both entertaining and darkly comic, and this is right up their alley...a wickedly entertaining thriller!" ”
    — The Flying Inkpot
  • “In true Pangdemonium style, this production is truly a marvel...Pangdemonium proves that, along with upbeat productions like THE FULL MONTY, they are able to produce a fully austere one as well.”
    — PoachedMag
  • “This is one hell of a play! Executed brilliantly...entirely proves that Singapore's theatre scene and actors can kick it with the best of them!”
    — City Nomads

Power to the People

  • “Pangdemonium has hit a new high with SWIMMING WITH SHARKS. Dynamic and riveting, and that climactic ending sets Pangdemonium apart. Stellar directing by Tracie. Thoroughly recommended! ”
    — Chia Jun Shen
  • “10 years ago, I watched the film Swimming With Sharks. I loved it. I came to the play knowing for a fact that it wouldn't be as good as the film. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Amazingly, this show made me forget about the film. Love, love, love, love the play! Thank you, Pangdemonium for the awesome evening! ”
    — M. Raihan Halim
  • “Pangdemonium's SWIMMING WITH SHARKS was a display of sheer acting brilliance and directorial finesse. Please, please catch it while you can! ”
    — Mark Cheng
  • “I am in awe. Speechless. Great cast, awesome direction, fantastic production! Best show i've seen this year. Pangdemonium ROCKS! ”
    — Koh Jiaxin
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    — Jeremy Vin-sanity
  • “Excellent! Riveting! Congratulations to Pangdemonium for yet another wonderful production. And thank you for not being afraid to take on such challenging projects! ”
    — Nithia Devan
  • “An outstanding production of a really well-written script. Very well acted. It couldn't have been done better in London! ”
    — Angela Chew
  • “Excellent play - very well written and wonderfully performed! I was tremendously impressed. Pangdemonium, you're on a roll - Dealer's Choice, Spring Awakening and now this. I'll watch anything you do! ”
    — Caleb Liu
  • “Fresh from Pangdemonium's SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, and it ripped my heart into pieces, but it is SO GOOD! ”
    — Aida
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    — Beatrice