“Undeniably, this has to be one of the freshest and most daring plays we’ve seen to date...”

Charles Chia, IS Magazine


SPRING AWAKENING is the explosive, electrifying and exhilarating musical that breaks all the rules of musical theatre. Full of heart, humanity and humour, it tells the tale of a group of teenagers embarking on a turbulent journey of self-discovery, each one experiencing a dramatic psychological/emotional/spiritual/sexual awakening: Meet The Misfit, The Idealist, The Innocent, The Rebel, The Mama’s Boy, The Runaway, The Abused…and for these youths growing up in 1892, the only means of expressing their emotions is music…ROCK MUSIC.

The Broadway production of SPRING AWAKENING was nominated for eleven Tony Awards, winning eight, including Best Musical, while its London production won four Olivier Awards.

And now PANGDEMONIUM! brings you the highly-anticipated Singapore Premiere of this deeply moving, darkly funny, and daringly truthful musical. SPRING AWAKENING will thrill and touch you with its powerful, poignant music and life-affirming story of love and hope.

Starring Nathan Hartono and Julia Abueva with Adrian Pang and Candice de Rozario as the Adults.


Written by
Books and Lyrics by Steven Sater
Music by Duncan Sheik

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Dwayne Tan
Eden Ang
Erwin Shah
Julia Abueva
Kluane Saunders
Nathan Hartono
Rachel Marley
Raeza Ibrahim
Rayve Tay
Rebecca Spykerman
Seong Hui Xuan
Candice De Rozario
Adrian Pang
Zachary Pang
Xander Pang
Becky Dass


  • “A glorious Spring!... Pangdemonium's decision to cast relative greenhorns is a statement in itself - a belief in the abilities of the next generation of actors. And the whole group does them proud... Don’t miss it! ”
    — Mayo Martin, TODAY
  • “This staging by PANGDEMONIUM is a highly creditable attempt at one of the best musicals ever written, and even outperforms the Tony-winning Broadway original in several respects”
    — Matthew Lyon, The Flying Inkpot
  • “This was what Pangdemonium aimed to do: to make a statement in Singapore musical theatre based on one of the most controversial plays that has ever been written, Spring Awakening. And boy, did they get it right. Pangdemonium’s Spring Awakening is poetry and emotion brought to painful life. The company has certainly done justice to the work. ”
    — Guo Wei Ho, FeverAvenue.com

Power to the People

  • “One of the best shows i've ever seen! it was AWESOME!... If you think local theatre can't compare to New York's best, you're wrong. Pangdemonium's efforts have exceeded all my expectations, and I am hungry for more! ”
    — Spaceyfan
  • “I saw the UK West End production and the UK Touring production and I can honestly say that Pangdemonium's version of SPRING AWAKENING is better staged and performed as well ”
    — Jacqui Watts
  • “I have seen five different productions of SPRING AWAKENING, and Pangdemonium's production is much more dynamic, more inventive and more moving! ”
    — Michael Saddington
  • “Today I saw Spring Awakening for the third time & felt it more than I have the first two times. I can honestly say this is one of the best productions I've seen in a long, long time. Very, very talented cast, great songs, clever & beautiful set, fantastic energy & such an important message. Thank you for working so damn hard & for making me laugh, cry & re-establish the power of theatre. Go watch Spring Awakening, please.”
    — Rosemary McGowan
  • “If you have not caught Spring Awakening yet, please, please a million times please do. The production standard and quality is Fantastic. Please shake the "Singapore"/"Local" stigma you may have about plays. Pangdemonium has outdone itself. I have watched shows around the world and this one left me speechless.”
    — Nicholas Bloodworth
  • “I have watched 8 different productions of Spring Awakening, and this, i have to say, was one of the best!”
    — Alan Chang, Hong Kong
  • “I brought my students to watch Spring Awakening, and am glad that i did, because there was so much in it that they relate to. Thank you for being not just professional champions of the arts, but also being nurturing educators. Thank you for choosing to share your talent with all of us in this way.”
    — Lee Pei Yong
  • “I just want to thank EVERYONEEEEEEEEE who made Spring Awakening possible. I want to thank all of you awesome people for producing this wonderful wonderful thing called Spring Awakening. Thank you for making an impact on my life and the other super lucky teens that got to watch spring!!!...THANK YOU FOR SPRING AWAKENING!!!”
    — Sarah Tan
  • “I had the opportunity to see Spring Awakening last night, and I want to congratulate you on a fantastic production. It is, by far, the best theatre I have seen in Singapore. Bravo! And I look forward to your next production. ”
    — Steven C. Koernig
  • “I want to say You Totally ROCKED! I was at the performance tonight of Spring Awakening and thank you so much for giving me hope for Singapore Musicals. I am a Musical Theatre practitioner and I think this will mark the era of really high quality musicals here in Singapore. Thank you very much! ”
    — Iris Koh