“Touching, raw, real…emotional strings so taut they could slice through bone. A life-affirming play.”

Corrie Tan, ST Life!


Pangdemonium brings you the Pulitzer Prize winning RABBIT HOLE, a poignant, powerful and surprisingly humorous portrait of a family searching for what remains possible in the most impossible of situations.

Becca (Janice Koh) and Howie (Adrian Pang) are struggling to recover from a shocking accident. Caught in a maze of memory, longing, guilt, blame, sarcasm and tightly controlled rage, Howie lashes out and desperately seeks solace in a counseling group; while Becca opens up to her opinionated mother (Lok Meng Chue) and brash sister (Seong Hui Xuan), and secretly reaches out to the teenager (Eden Ang) responsible for the accident that changed everything.

Yet, as lost as they are, the couple keeps trying to find their way back to a life that still holds the potential for hope, laughter and happiness. Their journey is an intimate exploration of the search for a path that will lead them back into the light of day. Directed by Tracie Pang, RABBIT HOLE is a beautiful and bittersweet story of loss, survival and the life-affirming power of family.


Written by
David Lindsay-Abaire

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Janice Koh
Adrian Pang
Lok Meng Chue
Seong Hui Xuan
Eden Ang


  • “Here's a production that could well emerge as one of the best of the year.”
    — Helmi Yusof, Business Times
  • “...as perfect a piece of theatre as you could hope to see… one of the best ensembles of recent years… Tracie Pang's direction is more sensitive and accomplished than ever…hard-hitting and cathartic. Even if it leaves a hole in your heart, it makes your heart beat stronger. 4.5/5”
    — Matthew Lyon, The Flying Inkpot
  • “Bravo Pangdemonium! Yet another excellent production… it will move you in a profound way and you will never be the same again. That's what a powerful play does, but it cannot achieve this without an exceptional cast and director.”
    — JustWatchLah.com
  • “RABBIT HOLE brings out career-high type performances from its two leads, Adrian Pang and Janice Koh. It gives director Tracie Pang a chance to switch gears to showcase how adept she is at handling nuance, and in bringing out the emotional wisdom of David Lindsay-Abaire’s excellent script. It also is one of the best pieces of local theatre this year. Go see it.”
    — Adeline Chia, ARTinfo
  • “full of honesty, empathy and raw humanity - a delicate emotional balance, one which director Tracie Pang handles perfectly in her well-judged, keenly-observed production. 4/5”
    — Naeem Kapadia, TODAY

Power to the People

  • “Heart-wrenching, honest, funny at times, painful and very, very human. Fantastic, solid performances all round. Do not miss it.”
    — Pamela
  • “If you want to see a contemporary live play at its best, you must, MUST, catch Rabbit Hole. Buy your tickets fast and go. You will be amazed and deeply touched.”
    — Thomas Manhart
  • “The show is of the highest quality in all aspects - great staging, great acting, great directing and production...it is a must see! Spread the word! Get there or you will really miss a big one. ”
    — Laura Lane Chirnside Schuster
  • “Thank you Adrian Pang, Tracie Pang and the talented cast of Pangdemonium’s RABBIT HOLE, for whisking us away, holding our hands through a beautiful journey of self discovery, bringing to light the fragility, intricacies and resilience of interpersonal relationships. Just fucking beautiful. It is a must watch.”
    — Aiman Hakim
  • “Pangdemonium's Rabbit Hole is an affecting work, a seriously moving play with great moments of sad, f***ed up comedy and a terrific all-Asian cast. Congrats Adrian & Tracie Pang, Janice Koh, and all the rest of the Rabbit team.”
    — Kenneth Kwek
  • “Once again, Pangdemoniun has produced yet another amazing production! Thank you for Rabbit Hole. The direction by Tracie was superb; set design was gorgeous as always; and once again great acting - truly a blessing to be able to watch such a show”
    — Clarissa Wee
  • “Just wanted to say I enjoyed Rabbit Hole thoroughly! I was moved to tears by the intensity of the emotions created by Janice and Adrian even though I have never lost a child. Every member of the cast was on point, but Janice and Adrian were simply outstanding with the sensitive, mature and poignant acting - heck, can I even call it acting? 
I wish to thank Pangdemonium for simple but powerful human stories that touch deeply…Will definitely support Pangdemonium's future productions. Keep up the awesome work!”
    — Linda Lam
  • “It was my privilege to watch Rabbit Hole. A more tender, moving and (yes) uplifting theatrical experience is hard to find, frankly. I say "uplifting" because ultimately, for me, the play is about love as well bereavement. The love we have that stays with us and the love that pulls us through in the end. 

The production is directed with immense sensitivity by Tracie Pang and the entire cast excel themselves in what is often a very funny as well as poignant and carefully observed script. In the centre of it all are Adrian Pang & Janice Koh, not only two of Singapore's finest actors but in my humble opinion, as fine as any actors that can be found anywhere, both at the very top of their considerable games.

You should definitely see this.”
    — Daniel York
  • “Truthful and powerfully thought-provoking. Stellar cast. Wonderful direction. This was heart aching to watch, but so beautiful. Thank you, Pangdemonium, for telling such an amazing story. THANK YOU!!!”
    — Yelyn Yeo
  • “I was absolutely blown away by the show! AWESOME! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Once again, kudos to everyone in the production! It help me understand a little better how to deal and cope with grief through someone else's eyes....The part where Meng Chue spoke about her own pain and loss hits me hard in my gut!!! - "Mom, will it ever go away?"
; "No, it will never go away - but the weight of it will get lighter...." I know exactly what she means - I am a cancer survivor in remission...Thank you once again for that wonderful 120 minutes which will probably last a life time... ”
    — Danny Raven Tan