“…cements Pangdemonium's reputation as a stellar theatrical powerhouse.”



The 2015 Winner of five Tony Awards, including Best Musical, FUN HOME is “a blazingly original heartbreaker, and a nonstop theatre of invention.” (Newsday)

Fun Home is a powerful coming-of-age tale based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling autobiographical memoir of the same name. The result is a gripping portrayal of a daughter’s determination to connect with her enigmatic, volatile and brilliant father.

As we interact with Alison at three different ages, startling memories of her dysfunctional family are revealed and we witness the life-changing events that spark her sexual awakening. Along her journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, we uncover the secrets that have tormented her father and defined her life

A deeply personal story about seeing your parents through grown up eyes, Fun Home is an enlightening and enriching experience you will never forget. Pangdemonium is proud to stage the Singapore Premiere of this groundbreaking musical to round off our 2017 Season.


Written by
Lisa Kron (Book & Lyrics)
Jeanine Tesori (Music)

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Monique Wilson
Nikki Muller
Elena Wang
Benjamin Kheng
Gail Belmonte
Chloe Choo
Elly Gaskell
Aria Zhang
Damien Weber
Bjorn Haakenson


  • “This show is a runaway hit, to which ever-intuitive director Tracie Pang and her assured cast and crew nailed the fuzzy pains and joys of being a family...As the curtains came down on pages and pages of Bechdel's drawings fluttering down like falling autumn leaves, the cast's frank yet tender portrayals made many in the audience want to hug their fathers for dear life - and perhaps see and accept themselves for the truly unique beings they are. ”
    — The Straits Times, Life!
  • “Pangdemonium’s production of Fun Home is a brilliant adaptation of the show…Elena Wang’s incredibly endearing ingenue...Nikki Muller’s dazzling, heartwrenching performance...Adrian Pang’s brilliant take on an estranged father figure with his own tumultuous, intricate history…Fun Home shows Pangdemonium at the height of their status as one of Singapore’s premiere theatre companies, once again pushing boundaries with their bold choice of play and slick production quality. Fun Home is a musical that will stun you with its portrayal of a dysfunctional family and growing up different that surprises with countless familiar moments, reaching fever pitch when it hits you hard with its many emotional high points. Undoubtedly one of our top picks of 2017, Fun Home is a must watch for anyone who’s ever felt alone in being different or has gone through a loss, and as always, brims with a big heart and a vital social message that comes perfectly packaged in this relatable and spectacular musical to end off Pangdemonium’s 2017 season. ”
    — Barchormeeboy
  • “Fun Home is the hardest musical this review has ever had to watch. Not that it’s bad - on the contrary, it is very, very good. But it’s also tough, raw, intimate, and profoundly sad…so unrelentingly sad sometimes you want to look away - but you don’t because the story is too compact to miss a moment…Pangdemonium;s Fun Home, directed by Tracie Pang succeeds in delivering the complex psychological underpinnings of family. Cast performances are strong and production design is very good…certain small gesture are surprisingly luminous in their humanity...Philip Engleheart deserves special mention for his set design - who’d have thought that a set whose separate platforms can be pushed out and pulled in like drawers of a cabinet, can, at one crucial point, make the audience cry?…You should pay the Bechdels a visit. It might make it easier to forgive the flaws of your family, and your own. ”
    — Business Times
  • “Brought to us by the proudly Singaporean theatre company, Pangdemonium, the outstanding cast and orchestra has perfectly captured and conveyed the raw emotions felt by the characters. From the purity of father-daughter moments to a poignant closing of regret, the play brought the audience on a journey of self-empowerment and transformative revelations...Pangdemonium has indeed lived up to their motto and kicked-ass in this theatrical production.”
    — Campus.sg
  • “Pangdemonium’s production of the musical delivers joy and despair in a relatable, heart-wrenching story...Medium Alison, played by a brilliantly frenetic Elena Wang...Adrian Pang exercises a controlled precision in his portrayal of Bruce Bechdel...the inimitable Nikki Muller...The word ‘bittersweet’ somehow seems inadequate to describe the truly unique emotion that lingers long after the show. Fun Home seems to propose the idea that pure humanity lies between happiness and sadness. It succeeds.”
    — Zyrup.com
  • “Pangdemonium's version of this musical is both tough and tender, a fitting end to a terrific 2017 season...Director Tracie Pang brings together the various narrative threads beautifully and is sensitive to the intimate, deeply personal message that lies at the heart of this musical...There are strong performances all round. Adrian Pang wrenches the soul with a powerful, understated performance. His final, desperate speech has one wiping away tears. Nikki Muller is all strident passion as the narrator…The real standout is Elena Wang, whose thoroughly engaging solo 'Changing My Major’ is the highlight of the evening...set designer Philip Engleheart delivers once again, with a gorgeous fully-realized version of the home, oozing with period detail...This engaging and deeply affecting production cements Pangdemonium's reputation as a stellar theatrical powerhouse keen on unraveling the mysteries of the human heart, no matter how difficult they may be.”
    — Crystalwords

Power to the People

  • “Do you ever just look at something for two hours and scream internally the whole time because of how beautiful it is? Because that was Fun Home for me. I’d urge anyone to watch it because it’s an amazing production with a pure and beautiful message. ”
    — Ariane Vanco (@thevanco)
  • “This is an absolute gem of a show. Please don't miss it, it's incredible. Elena Wang and Adrian Pang kill it, as does every single member of this phenomenal cast. Wowzers.”
    — Pam Oei
  • “This is a pitch perfect performance. Hilarious, tragic and profound. Fantastic staging, brilliantly conceived and acted. My favourite Pangdemonium production so far. Bravo.”
    — William Shaw
  • “The wonderful cast of Fun Home did a brilliant job in the staging of this musical in Singapore. I’m so proud that this is locally produced and needless to say, I was moved to tears...just buy a ticket and buckle up for an emotional journey. ”
    — Jas (@bklue18)
  • “Pangdemonium has once again blown me off my feet with their performance of Fun Home. Of all the shows I've watched so far this year, this one really takes the cake. A deeply moving coming of age tale, the performance moved me to tears and had me rocking with laughter during the comedic moments. Beautiful set, and the cast sang with emotions that was sorely missing from international productions. 10/10 would recommend getting Pangdemonium's 2018 season pass.”
    — Lau (@longestlance)
  • “Fun Home was emotionally true and delivered wonderfully by a strong and talented cast. All the three Alison's were fantastic! The silences, echoing within the play, were so meaningful and heartbreaking. Adding on to all these, the moving set pieces and lighting were ingeniously conceived. I am moved, and so blown away by the production. Go watch the play, people. It will expand your heart and your world. ”
    — @reddotdiva
  • “Excellent staging and costumes and beautifully acted. However, the singing was the unexpected highlight- Broadway level confident and polished performances. Go see it.”
    — Tim Burch
  • “Wow! And I mean WOW! I have always enjoyed Pangdemonium's work but Fun Home really blew me away. From the fantastic cast (including the amazing Nikki Muller) to the clever sets, and that story line. The fact that Tracie and Adrian Pang brought this to our shores, hats off...this is a must-see. The message is particularly relevant at this point and time. 5 stars! ”
    — Vivian Pei (@viviliciousxo)
  • “Moving and thought provoking, not only about coming out, but also about having the courage to leave your past behind for new beginnings. Pangdemonium, once again, delivers a powerhouse show with a stellar cast. This is not just a lesbian story; it is a tale of hidden tragedies, wasted lives and the courage to stand up for one's beliefs. Please do yourself a favour and go see it. ”
    — Soh Chin Ong (@scribediva)
  • “Fun Home, a musical about growing up, coming out, family bonds, finding balance through chaos and finding freedom through self-acceptance...Amazing acting, adorable dance moves, thought-curated lyrics, stunning stage sets. And big shoutout to the talented cast from @pangdemoniumtheatre for such a memorable performance. So stoked ❣️highly recommended to catch it ”
    — Celine (@blabyline)