“Gripping and engaging...some truly memorable scenes...painfully poignant moments...”

Mayo Martin, TODAY


One sunny morning, 10-year-old Rhona goes missing. Her mother Nancy (Karen Tan), retreats into a state of frozen hope for the next twenty years. Does "closure" mean forgiveness? Or revenge?

Agnetha (Janice Koh) is a pioneering psychiatrist with a controversial theory on serial killers. Does she really believe what she preaches, even as she fights her own demons?

And then there's Ralph (Adrian Pang), a loner with a fractured history and a deadly obsession...Is he a monster? Or a misunderstood man-child?

Drawn together by horrific circumstances, these three individuals embark upon a tangled, twisted journey, uncovering one another's skeletons and ghosts along the way, before finally finding the light. Frozen is a shocking, searing and ultimately sensitive study of the fragile human psyche, and the meaning of retribution, survival and hope.

Winner of the prestigious Barclay Award for 'Best New Play', and nominated for 4 Tony Awards, including 'Best Play', Frozen is a powerful, bold and haunting psychological thriller.


Written by
Bryony Lavery

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Janice Koh
Adrian Pang
Karen Tan


  • “In the hands of Tracie Pang, this quiet play sends up emotional flares that both briefly illuminate and cast long shadows on a difficult, prickly topic...Adrian Pang's absolutely heart-stopping, gut-twisting turn as one of the most monstrous of men...the seasoned trio of actors hold their own, pulling out some startlingly well-pitched encounters...Pangdemonium has proved to be able to handle their brassy blockbuster musicals as well as the delicate detailing of quiet dramas such as this - while Frozen could hardly be described as "enjoyable", it certainly leaves a good chill in its wake. ”
    — Corrie Tan, ST Life!
  • “Directed by Tracie Pang, this sold-out production of Frozen is Pangdemonium at its darkest and grimmest...Gripping and engaging...some truly memorable scenes...painfully poignant moments...the three main actors put in exceptional shifts...It's hard to sympathise with a monster like Ralph, but that's exactly what happens in Adrian Pang's slow-brewing and complete transformation from nonchalant bloke to menacing inmate to despairing soul. His utterly chilling performance is, hands down, one of the best we've seen on stage… ”
    — Mayo Martin, TODAY
  • “Directed by Tracie Pang, Frozen boasts once again all the hallmarks of a Pangdemonium production: slick production designs, well-calibrated direction, and uniformly strong performances…complex emotional authenticity… Tickets to the entire run of Frozen sold out before its opening night - a testament of Pangdemonium's reputation among theatre-lovers.”
    — Helmi Yusof, Business Times
  • “Frozen had its audience members in its thrall. The fact that the play was sold out for the entire run on its opening day is a testament to what a steamroller theatre company Pangdemonium has become, capable of putting out sing-your-heart-out musicals, supercharged brassy comedies, and quiet plays that threaten to annihilate your soul. It is without doubt that every Pangdemonium production is without pretension: the result of earnest hard work, humility, and laser-beam focus under the capable direction of Tracie Pang. Karen Tan’s portrayal of Nancy is exceptional. Ralph, played by Adrian Pang - it is in this skilful restraint that the most visceral moments in the play gain their power. ”
    — Kellynn Wee, Poachedmag

Power to the People

  • “Absolutely in awe! Just when you think their last one was at the peak, they come up with yet another remarkable production. Congratulations! ”
    — Ng Thiam Siong
  • “Intense, poignant, thrilling, and stimulating brain food too. As always with a Pangdemonium production, the direction by Tracie Pang was top-notch and the acting was stellar. No other theatre company in Singapore comes close to what these brave folks are doing. I’ve got my 2015 Season Ticket already - you’d be a fool not to get yours! Keep kicking our asses, Pangdemonium, we love it!”
    — Michelle Lee
  • “Tracie Pang skillfully directed her cast through a wonderfully paced play. Tension throughout, moving acting, tough topic. Adrian Pang gave a brilliant performance as a tortured man with a destructive path. A human buckling under the weight of remorse without redemption. Amazing performances by Karen Tan as the grieving mom and Janice Koh as the burdened psychiatrist.”
    — Tara Huber
  • “Thank you for another fabulous theatrical experience. We were so touched and disturbed by tonight's show. You seem to choose plays that speak directly to my heart and my life. And thank you for continuing to make me look, discover, and appreciate life and art. I'm proud to be a friend of Pangdemonium. By the way, we all wanted to give a standing ovation but how do you stand for a serial killer? Theatre confusion at its finest. ”
    — Beth Hollahan
  • “In Tracie Pang's expert hands, some of the most disturbing details are the most oblique and understated. Janice Koh and Karen Tan dig deep, plumbing the depths of unspeakable pain. But Adrian Pang's Ralph is a stunning performance. This is as dark a show as I have seen at Pangdemonium, but there are glimmers of hope and redemption. I give it my highest recommendation. ”
    — Jake Jacobs
  • “Brilliantly executed by each actor. Truly a wonderful experience watching the story come alive and I felt for each character every step of the way. Worth every minute and money spent. Looking forward to 2015 productions. ”
    — Kiran Chandiramani
  • “FROZEN is so memorable that it sent shivers down my spine, haunting me with nightmares since. It's heartwretching to watch, but I'm so glad I did. Thank you for being open and courageous to perform this work. See you in 2015! ”
    — Quiling Low
  • “Unbelievable! I watched Frozen and I was shocked and very touched...you guys really kick my ass! I salute you from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to your next shows already. Sending you lots of LOVE and THANKS! ”
    — Yumi Kitahama
  • “Just returned from the matinee performance of Frozen, which was fantastic. Brilliant performance and the staging of it was first-class. A great afternoon of theatre. ”
    — Jamie William Reeves
  • “Amazing performance of Frozen tonight! Fantastic talent in a taut, gripping play - bravo for bringing this to stage, and hope to see more thought provoking pieces like this. ”
    — Mona Thyagarajan