“Sharp tragicomedy, tightly paced and deeply moving production...a pressure cooker of a play. Tracie Pang draws out wonderfully nuanced portrayals of the characters. ”

Corrie Tan, ST Life!



Cow. Slob. Pig. How many insults can you hear before you have to stand up and defend the woman you love?

Winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for 'Outstanding Off-Broadway Play', and nominated for the Olivier Award for 'Best New Comedy', FAT PIG tells the story of Tom (Gavin Yap), a handsome, young professional who meets a sweet-natured, sexy, funny and intelligent girl named Helen (Frances Lee) - who just happens to be “plus-sized”. Tom finds himself irresistibly attracted to Helen and her refreshingly self-deprecating acceptance of the way people see her, and to his own surprise, he is soon head over heels in love with her.

But for reasons he cannot explain or even admit to himself, Tom finds it necessary to keep the object of his desires a secret from his friends.

His obnoxious best friend Carter (Zachary Ibrahim), and his on-off girlfriend Jeannie (Elizabeth Lazan), both become obsessively curious about Tom’s new, mysterious lover. As Tom and Helen fall deeper and deeper in love, and Carter and Jeannie get closer and closer to the truth, the course of true love is going to get messy – BIG time.

Directed by Tracie Pang, FAT PIG is a most unique “rom-com”: a laugh- out-loud-and-immediately-feel-guilty-for-laughing comedy of manners, a bittersweet love story, and a sly observation of our prejudices and taboos.


Written by
Neil LaBute

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Zachary Ibrahim
Elizabeth Lazan
Frances Lee
Gavin Yap


  • “Terrific...FAT PIG is a play that demands to be seen...powerful...the perfect anti-romantic comedy...poignant, bracing and provocative...the drama is orchestrated expertly...Tracie Pang has assembled a cast of young and relatively unknown actors, but each one throughly excels in his or her role...you're so transported, you forget it's a performance. ”
    — Helmi Yusof, Business Times
  • “This play took my breath away...I went to the show not quite knowing what to expect, and emerged in complete awe...an incredible cast...Tracie Pang has performed many wonderful feats these past few years, but this - for me at least - is really one of her greatest achievements...Once again, Pangdemonium! has done an excellent job in choosing a thought-provoking script and bringing it to vivid life through a stellar cast and expert direction...5 stars - DO NOT MISS! ”
    — Oh Jen Jen, JustWatchLah.com
  • “Pangdemonium hits the ground running once again by kicking off the 2014 season with a prickly play called “Fat Pig”...a meaningful and well fleshed-out romantic tale about love in the midst of prejudice, played by a young but highly-competent cast, and with excellent and well thought-out production values. It’s merely the start of the 2014 season, but it seems like Pangdemonium has picked up right where it left off last year, and there seems to be no stopping the juggernaut. ”
    — Jeremy Yew, Buttons In the Bread
  • “A hilarious, laugh-out-loud play that's also thought-provoking and emotional. ”
    — IS Magazine
  • “Sharp tragicomedy, tightly paced and deeply moving production...a pressure cooker of a play. Tracie Pang draws out wonderfully nuanced portrayals of the characters. ”
    — Corrie Tan, ST Life!
  • “This is precisely what I like about Pangdemonium productions – the way they bring to life the thoughts and emotions buried deep within us. Beneath every seemingly simple storyline lies a whole mishmash of themes, feelings, and social critique that you’ll be untangling for days or even weeks after the curtains close. If you’re the sort who enjoys theatre that makes you think and feel a whole spectrum of emotions, you HAVE TO catch Pangdemonium’s productions. ”
    — Vanessa Tai, Material World

Power to the People

  • “FAT PIG was really a winning recipe of superb text, amazing cast, awesome set... and everything was served deliciously. A true delectable feast to the senses. Catch Pangdemonium's production of Fat Pig - EAT. LAUGH. CRY. LOVE. LIFE.”
    — Dee Palanisamy
  • “I loved this production - the performances, the set, and especially the direction! And I love Pangdemonium's stand on bringing such brave issues to be highlighted in Singapore.”
    — Rebecca
  • “Congratulations! Excellent acting and direction. Getting better and better from production to production - keep it up Pangdemonium!”
    — Chia Choon Peng
  • “Excellent. Was captivated from the get-go. Pangdemonium productions always leave me thinking. ”
    — Dina Jitendra
  • “Sensitively directed by Tracie Pang, FAT PIG is thought-provoking and powerful. The entire cast is wonderful. The set design by Eucien Chia is spectacular and ingenious.”
    — Shawne Wang
  • “A comedy with bite, brought to life by a terrific cast, maintaining the Pangdemonium tradition of showcasing emerging stars. Don't miss it. ”
    — Jake Jacobs
  • “AN ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH. Amazing performance from an A-list young cast. This is the next generation of actors in Singapore. Kudos to the brilliance of Yu Hsien's set design...I literally gasped when the set opened up before my very eyes. Big congrats to the team behind the show and the amazing Pangdemonium family ”
    — Derrick Chew
  • “Go and watch Fat Pig now everyone! Amazing script, brilliant direction, stunning set and MIND BLOWING NEW YOUNG TALENT. Wah! Singapore's really got hope! So inspiring! Thank you! Blown away. Don't miss it people! ”
    — Pamela
  • “Excellent! Very well played. Heartwarming to see such great shows in Singapore. Keep it up! ”
    — Yann Marromer
  • “Every time I come to see a Pangdemonium show I am amazed by the level of performance. Tonight was the same - CONGRATS guys, you ROCK! ”
    — Baco Jerome