“A poignant tale of love and family...a moving investigation of humanity, kindness, generosity...points us to a much-needed beacon of hope.”

City Nomads


The year is 2021. Climate change is wreaking havoc across the globe. Donald Trump has been re-elected US President for a second term. Brexit is in full effect and causing chaos all over Europe. In the wake of escalating wars in the Middle East, famine in West Africa, and relentless terrorist attacks by radical extremists, the UK - and many nations around the world - has enforced a ban on all immigration.

With the coastline around him and life as he knows it crumbling to dust, Leslie Chen is forced to abandon his home in England and move his family back to his birthplace, Singapore. Confronting a country that is a world apart from the one he knew as a child, he is now made to question the meaning of home.

As the crises and conflicts escalate, one thing is certain, come hell or high water, and possibly both, he must protect his family.

While dragonflies migrate halfway across the world, we, the human race, struggle to embrace our nomadic heritage, our need to move to greener pastures in order to survive. And as global warming, the resurgence of far-right politics and worldwide paranoia make us burn bridges and build walls between communities, families and individuals, we have to ask ourselves: Where do we go from here?

Dragonflies is the story of a family fighting for survival in a hostile world, looking for somewhere to call home, and something that might look like hope.

Commissioned by the Singapore International Festival of Arts. First performed at the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2017.


Written by
Stephanie Street

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Tan Kheng Hua
Benjamin Chow
Frances Lee
Fanny Kee
Jamil Schulze
Elizabeth Morse
Matt Grey
Shona Benson


  • “A gripping tale that is, at once, epic and intimate...spectacular performances…deeply empathetic, balancing wry humour with devastating jolts of emotion... ”
    — Crystalwords
  • “Excellent script…evocative staging… brilliantly played... ”
    — Business Times
  • “Poignant and powerful…utterly transformative”
    — SIFA Blog

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