“Dealer's Ace! A confident, ballsy production...incredibly funny and terribly sad... ”

Adeline Chia, ST Life!


A motley crew of men come together to laugh about life, argue about women, and fight about everything else. Their comic high-jinks lead to a game of poker…except that for these men, poker is never just a game: for Stephen (Adrian Pang) poker is an obsessive power trip; for Sweeney (Daniel Jenkins) it’s a distraction from his domestic dilemmas; for Frankie (Keagan Kang) it’s an extension of his manhood; for Carl (Julian Low) it’s a hopeless addiction; for Mugsy (Andy Tear) it’s an escape from his loser’s life; and for Ash (Daniel York), it is his life…

What ace does Stephen have up his sleeve? What’s the dicey deal between Frankie and Sweeney? What’s the secret relationship between Carl and Ash? And what is it with Mugsy and toilets??? This seemingly innocent poker session turns into survival of the fittest, to find out who will outwit, outplay, outlast. And by the end of the night, as the delicate house of cards crumbles, the men are separated from the boys. Directed by Tracie Pang, you will find that Dealer’s Choice is one of those rare comic gems that is hilarious, heartfelt and highly suspenseful.

Dealer’s Choice won the Writers’ Guild Award for Best West End Play and the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy.


Written by
Patrick Marber

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Keagan Kang
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel York
Andy Tear
Julian Low


  • “Dealer's Ace! A confident, ballsy production...incredibly funny and terribly sad... the six-man cast put in fine performances in a production defined by solid design values. The title of this play could well be called Reviewer's Choice. ”
    — Adeline Chia, ST Life!
  • “DEALER'S CHOICE is a royal flush!...a play positively dripping with witty, sarcastic lines...ably brought to life by the A-grade cast...audiences will have a hard time putting on their best poker faces while watching Dealer’s Choice! ”
    — Mayo Martin, TODAY
  • “The secret to PANGDEMONIUM!'s production is solid acting and excellent production values. Dealer's Choice presents an snapshot of humanity that is full of wit, hilarity and bittersweet sympathy - joy to watch. ”
    — Karin Lai, The Flying Inkpot

Power to the People

  • “A fabulous production! Very good plot, great direction and above all, very well played by all the actors. Much better than other plays I’ve seen in Singapore ”
    — JC Bougle
  • “Absolutely loved it! It’s rare to get good productions like this without hype or gimmick. Great that you kept the original setting and did not compromise with localisation. Keep up the great work, you have our support! ”
    — Juliana Teo
  • “Fantastic production! Great cast! Insightful and moving performances. Superb direction. am such an ardent supporter of the arts scene, so thank you for bringing the Singapore arts scene alive! Cheers!”
    — Sarah Wee
  • “The acting was superb! Hilarious, heart-wrenching and relevant. Thanks for bringing London to us and for introducing Singapore to plays otherwise unknown to us! Thank you for “getting” us! :)”
    — Chen Yinxiu
  • “Brilliant acting, loved the script, nice work, Tracie - great job guys! This is the way to revive the theatre scene in Singapore!”
    — Debbie Soon
  • “Excellent production! One of the best performances I’ve seen in Singapore – funny, sad, thought-provoking. Lots of heart and soul displayed on stage”
    — Elaine Blanchard
  • “Very unexpected. This great production has opened our eyes to the ability of Singapore theatre. We particularly loved the natural acting of the cast. The humour seemed spontaneous and the drama was really intense. Kudos to the excellent directing. I’m going home to recommend Pangdemonium to my friends on FB now!”
    — Desley Tan
  • “Superb! Thank you so much! Am new to Singapore, and I work in theatre, so I’m thrilled to see such incredible quality from a local company. Fantastic script, gorgeous acting, great direction. Amazing set. Tragi-comedy at its finest!”
    — Tom Schulz
  • “Stellar! Thanks for being brave and keeping the script pure and true to its London setting – Singaporeans need a dose of real theatre like this, with proper scripts and witty comedy! Brilliant job, Pangdemonium! ”
    — Lian Shu Ho
  • “Sterling cast and fantastic acting! Intensity! Pathos! Entertaining and thought-provoking! Kudos to the best ensemble acting of 2011! A wonderful production. I am now more hopeful for Singapore’s theatre industry. ”
    — Ophelius Chan