“Forget the film - this CLOSER is a richer, more nuanced, fulfilling experience.”

Mayo Martin, TODAY


Pangdemonium brings you one of theatre’s most celebrated and critically-acclaimed modern classics. Patrick Marber’s CLOSER is a sophisticated, savvy, and darkly funny play that casts a steely, unblinking gaze at modern relationships. It is a world in which the line between love and lust is often blurred, honesty is frequently not the best policy, and people with choices almost always make the wrong one. The lives of Alice, Anna, Dan and Larry intertwine in a web of passion, deception and ultimately self-destruction, revealing how our most primal needs are often the most elusive. And in the end it is all about one thing – LOVE.

DAN. What do you want?
ALICE. To be loved.
DAN. That simple?
ALICE. It’s a big want.

Anyone who has loved with an obsession, anyone who has experienced jealousy and betrayal, and anyone who understands that passion can manifest itself in pure ecstasy or the deepest despair, will relish this play’s deliciously dark humour, and be moved by its uncompromising honesty. CLOSER is a bold and unflinching examination of everything that makes us all so fragile, so flawed, and so human.


Written by
Patrick Marber

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Tan Kheng Hua
Keagan Kang
Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie


  • “A highly competent staging of Marber's play and one that makes for a very enjoyable evening to boot.There is no denying that Pangdemonium's production of Closer is excellent. ”
    — Karin Lai, The Flying Inkpot
  • “Pangdemonium should be commended for bringing Patrick Marber's CLOSER to the Singapore stage...a helluva play. The play keeps us on the edge of our seats. ”
    — Clarissa Tan, Business Times
  • “Forget the film - this CLOSER is a richer, more nuanced, fulfilling experience. Director Tracie Pang deftly highlights the twists and turns of the drama. ”
    — Mayo Martin, TODAY

Power to the People

  • “In Howard Barker's Arguments for a Theatre, he wrote that 'the theatre must start to take its audience seriously. It must stop telling them stories they can understand.' Thank you for taking Singaporean audiences seriously and for the refreshingly bold and brilliant production of Closer. My friends and I enjoyed it tremendously! Looking forward to your next production ;) ”
    — Shirley Lam
  • “Closer Was AWESOME!!! Thanks for a great theatrical treat! The MUST WATCH play of the Year!!!”
    — Jo-Anne Lee
  • “Bravo! Watched Closer and was amazed by the great acting from all the cast! Looking forward to future shows from Pangdemonium! ”
    — Pat Chong
  • “FABULOUS! I think I am addicted to Pangdemonium's productions!! The show was great!! I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you so much for making my Tuesday special:) ”
    — Jacklynn Rajan
  • “Closer is good…no, it's Great…No, it is SUPERB! Both my GF and I enjoyed ourselves very much. It is beyond our vocabulary to praise this. Keep up the good job guys! ”
    — Conan Ng
  • “The show was simply brilliant! Very funny and yet exceedingly intense. Totally got me to the edge of my seat. Very very good acting. One of the best local plays I've watched. Would absolutely support your future works from now on. ;) ”
    — Aries Yagami
  • “Gf & I decided to watch a local play, for the 1st time. We settled with Closer, as we remembered the movie was great. What can I say, it was superbly BRILLIANT! We will surely look out for future productions from Pangdemonium! ”
    — Nor Rahim
  • “CLOSER was ahhhhmazing! Totally blew my mind! It was even better than the film (am I allowed to even say that?) & I've already seen it like only 300 times.... =)

 I'm so glad I got to watch the production of CLOSER live on stage. I could not have asked for a better cast. You all were simply the best! Looking forward to watching more from PANGDEMONIUM. Congrats to all of u! ”
    — Dyana Aziz
  • “First we saw Full Monty and totally enjoyed it... today we saw Closer and it was awesome... Looking forward your next performance, would not miss it.... Pangdemonium is doing such an amazing job... I feel you’ve really brought Theater to the community ♥ ”
    — Agnes Meurzec
  • “Absolutely brilliant!!! Congratulations on Closer - finally we have a theatre company that pushes the boundaries. Thank you to the whole team. Looking forward to your next production. ”
    — Lloyd Ignatius Matthew Tan