“A belly-aching, can’t-breathe-because-I’m-laughing-so-hard guffaw-fest!”

- Flying Inkpot


What shenanigans do actors get up to behind the scenes? Let’s take a peek…

Beautiful, disillusioned actress Theresa (Nikki Muller), shy divorcee Shultz (Adrian Pang), moody teenager Lauren (Selma Alkaff), and gregarious, gung-ho James (Daniel Jenkins): four imperfect strangers join an Acting Class run by “earth mother” Marty (Neo Swee Lin)…resulting in epic episodes of comedy, and drama of theatrical proportions.

As the fun & games blur into their private lives, this acting class transforms into much more – role-play gets awkwardly personal, jaw-dropping secrets are revealed, wars are waged, won & lost, hearts are quietly broken, and lives are changed forever…

A hilarious and heartwarming exploration of lost souls in search of themselves, Circle Mirror Transformation was voted one of the top ten plays of 2009 by Time Out and the New Yorker.


Written by
Annie Baker

Directed by
Tracie Pang

Adrian Pang
Daniel Jenkins
Neo Swee Lin
Nikki Muller
and introducing Selma Alkaff


  • “A belly-aching, can’t-breathe-because-I’m-laughing-so-hard guffaw-fest! Great, fun theatre...very funny... All five actors turned in solid performances, this is an ensemble cast with great comic timing. I felt like I was watching a great team onstage, and that could only be possible with a great team offstage supporting them. I continue to appreciate Tracie Pang and her team’s attention to little details, creating truly memorable moments...this play reminds us that theatre is an important lens worth acquainting ourselves with...and anyone can, and probably will, enjoy this show thoroughly.”
    — Flying Inkpot
  • “Pangdemonium's feel-good comedy...funny and entertaining...hilarious and revealing...the acting, directing and production designs range from strong to fantastic. Tracie Pang's fine direction...Neo, Jenkins and Adrian Pang effortless flaunt their comic chops, while high-octane Muller and sensitive newcomer Alkaff are welcome additions to the Pangdemonium family.”
    — Business Times
  • “A delight to watch...Strong performances all around, from Neo’s endearing earnestness to Muller’s larger-than-life antics to Pang’s hilarious bouts of passive aggression. Kudos also to newcomer Alkaff, who conveys moments of extraordinary insight in her turn as a sarcastic, bored teenager and makes a commendable professional stage debut. Tracie Pang’s layered and sensitive direction drives the production...culminating in a beautiful, bittersweet final scene that cuts close to the bone. ”
    — TODAY
  • “Tracie Pang directs a well-cast, high energy ensemble...truly excellent ensemble work with comic timing and sure-footed rhythm, supported by some magical design work...I am reminded that theatre can be such a balm for the soul...makes you take a good look in the mirror, that you might circle back one day and find yourself transformed. ”
    — The Straits Times, Life!
  • “Get thee to the theatre, you won’t want to be missing out on this one. A brilliant use of staging and space. We find ourselves floored by the clever and seamless flow into the conclusion. The subtle transformation of the characters is a delight to witness as the set, lighting and multimedia design change brilliantly without missing a beat of the characters’ transition...pulls you deep into their lives, produces the squirmy-dawning-of-realisation feeling in the gut. ”
    — Esquire Singapore
  • “4/5...Pangdemonium’s Circle Mirror Transformation beautifully demonstrates just how versatile the company is…bags of fun…Stellar performances...Pang has his comedic timing down pat, while Muller encapsulates the confident woman with deep trust issues brilliantly. The old-couple chemistry between Neo and Jenkins is great to watch, and we could hardly tell that it’s Alkaff professional stage debut with her stellar performance.”
    — Time Out

Power to the People

  • “This is exactly why Pangdemonium is a theatre company in a class of their own: they take us on unpredictable, enthralling journeys not only with every single production, but also in their entire exciting, evolving body of work. After the roller-coaster ride that was their 2014 Season (with the laugh-out-loud, in-your-face Fat Pig; the big, brassy nostalgia trip back to 1974 Singapore of Little Voice; culminating with the gut-wrenching Frozen) they now spring this gem of a surprise on us. Circle Mirror Transformation is Pangdemonium at their warmest, most tender and most fun - but in the midst of all the laughter, still packing an emotional punch that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Tracie Pang once again displays her versatility and sensitivity as a director, guiding her perfectly-cast ensemble (of seasoned pros and exciting new finds) into mining every nuance of the piece, to create very real and relatable characters, and to tell this story humanely and movingly. A true theatrical delight! ”
    — David Wong
  • “Pangdemonium has raised the bar again! Miss it and you'll regret it!”
    — Pamela Gordon
  • “It makes me so happy that @pangdemonium is a thing! Circle Mirror Transformation - funny, subtle, touching - go see!”
    — Neil Moore
  • “Instead of just making you cry as they usually do, Pangdemonium makes you laugh till you cry with Circle Mirror Transformation. Enjoyed it! ”
    — Dom@contrabandkarma
  • “Perfect comic timing from the entire cast, brilliantly directed by Tracie Pang. Pangdemonium always produces super high-quality theatre! ”
    — Ladysquadron
  • “An all round great show. Fresh and surprising. Tender and fun. It captures the imagination and the heart. It challenges you. Gently but surely. ”
    — Sean Tobin
  • “Circle Mirror Transformation was brilliant! I laughed and teared... and laughed until I teared. The show itself goes waaaay deeper than the synopsis. After last year's super intense offerings (heck... "intense" is the mildest word i can think of) Circle Mirror Transformation is MUCH gentler. Yes, there are dramatic, pensive, gut-wrenching moments, but these are perfectly balanced with chuckles and full-volume guffaws. And do i really need to say anything about the acting and directing? OK... just one word: perfect. Pangdemonium did it again. ”
    — Candice Chan
  • “I loved every single actor's performance in Circle Mirror Transformation. For the duration of the show, I forgot they were actors as the play drew me into the drama class as if I too was a participant..."Week 1 to Week 6". I didn't want to be absent for any of the "weeks" to "attend" this class. Great casting, great pacing, great direction, and the ending was simply beautiful. ”
    — Malti Lalwani
  • “Circle Mirror Transformation was amazing. Every single time I watch a Pangdemonium's production, I feel nothing but awe. CMT’s a play that you have to sit through and experience for yourself - words will not do it justice. The acting was so perfectly nuanced. Tracie did a hell of an amazing job with this script. It’s so honest and sincere, you cannot get any purer than this. Pangdemonium's kick-assingly good. And fabulous. ”
    — Kimberly Wong
  • “Once again, Pangdemonium proves its vital role in the Singapore theatre scene. With Circle Mirror Transformation, they continue to push, stretch and challenge actors, as well as surprise and delight audiences, in the most exciting ways. Tracie Pang yet again demonstrates her consummate skill as a director, moulding her cast individually and collectively to create subtle and detailed portrayals - this is the best ensemble acting seen on stage in years! It is an extraordinary directorial feat that Pang has managed to tease out such a great deal of comedy from such a naturalistic piece, all the while maintaining a perfect balance of drama and nuance, and ultimately producing a piece of theatre that is enchanting, entertaining and very moving. ”
    — Adam Scott