“Electric, authentic, savage, big-hearted, mad, alive, extraordinary! Another coup for PANGDEMONIUM! brought vividly to life by director Tracie Pang and an international cast... SMASHING!”

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Winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, NEXT TO NORMAL is an electrifying and exhilarating piece of theatre - “much more than a feel-good musical: it is a feel-everything musical. A brave, breathtaking musical!” (The New York Times)

NEXT TO NORMAL tells the extraordinary roller-coaster story of Diana (Sally Ann Triplett), a woman battling bipolar disorder coupled with schizophrenic hallucinations; and her hapless husband Dan (Adrian Pang), who fights to keep her mind stable and his family intact. Things get even more complicated when Diana defies her Doctor (Juan Jackson), and resorts to desperate measures.

Diana’s and Dan’s struggles put a strain on their relationship with their teenage daughter Natalie (Julia Abueva), who is herself barely coping with her own growing pains and blossoming relationship with her boyfriend, Henry (Linden Furnell). Meanwhile Diana has created a superhero-like image for her son Gabe (Nathan Hartono) - who is not all that he may seem... “Normal” is not a word you’d use to describe this family.

NEXT TO NORMAL is a bold and beautiful musical that dares to deal with themes in ways that are profoundly moving and surprisingly comic, resulting in one of the most original and powerful pieces of theatre in modern times - and Pangdemonium is very excited to be producing the Singapore Premiere of this musical that is anything but normal.


Directed by
Tracie Pang

Sally Ann Triplett
Adrian Pang
Nathan Hartono
Julia Abueva
Linden Furnell
Juan Jackson


  • “A wonderful ride, a wild, exuberant musical. The creative and production teams rose magnificently to the challenge. Hats off to director, Tracie Pang. To take on a musical that is so complicated, so respectful and aware of the growth and changes in its characters, and so important in its depiction of mental illness requires heart and guts. PANGDEMONIUM! has plenty of both.”
    — Poachedmag.com
  • “NEXT TO NORMAL is intense, gritty and emotionally draining, but it’s also brash, funny and feels alive. How director Tracie Pang managed to pull this off, we’ll never know. The issue of mental illness is handled with sensitivity and compassion and yet it doesn’t tiptoe around it at all. We strongly urge you to take this particular dose of on-stage medicine! 4/5”
    — Mayo Martin, TODAY
  • “This gritty, heart-wrenching, gut-twisting gem of a musical blows the mind... NEXT TO NORMAL does not pull any punches with its characters, but even if they are left bruised, they also emerge braver - and it left me feeling exactly the same way... a MUST WATCH! ”
    — Corrie Tan, Straits Times Life!
  • “Undoubtedly, the best musical of 2013! NEXT TO NORMAL's extraordinary achievements will be unsurpassed by any other this year. Stunningly acted and sung, impeccably designed and sharply choreographed. Director Tracie Pang has mounted a splendid production. This reviewer left the show astonished and moved, wishing he could return to experience it all over again.”
    — Helmi Yusof, Business Times
  • “Any musical theatre company in the world would be proud to have produced this superbly professional production. An insistently excellent product. PANGDEMONIUM!'s NEXT TO NORMAL is electric with feeling, director Tracie Pang demonstrating acute control. PANGDEMONIUM! has always shown promise as a company - appropriately for their latest production, they are beginning to be insanely good. 4.5/5”
    — Matthew Lyon, The Flying Inkpot

Power to the People

  • “You guys have simply put together the best musical production I have seen in years - and I have seen numerous global-travelling shows and lots on the West End. You outdid what people expect in a "local" production. People should be QUEUING up for tickets for this! ”
    — Michael Swaisland
  • “Congratulations on the outstanding performance by everyone! Pangdemonium truly performs plays and musicals that pushes the boundaries of Singapore theatre, and every experience is enriching, inspiring and just stunning to watch. NEXT TO NORMAL was no different. Two thumbs up for the set design, acting, directing and musical direction - all in my opinion way better than the Broadway version!”
    — Clarissa Wee
  • “FABULOUS ENTERTAINMENT MEETS FOOD FOR THOUGHT! The most courageous performance I've ever seen in Singapore!”
    — Virginia Brumby
  • “It was amazingly good. I was so moved. I was bawling my eyes out so much by half time that I went to the toilet with bloodshot eyes. Really powerful musical that was superbly executed. Another KICK ASS experience. Thank you so much for doing Next to Normal! ”
    — James Shubert
  • “Saw this last night, if you have not - you MUST!!! An absolutely awesome show and stellar cast! An incredibly moving and powerful musical dealing compassionately with the difficult issue of mental health. A cast of only six who carry the show brilliantly, ably supported by their band, crew and obviously superbly directed. Steal tickets if you have to but do not miss it!!! ”
    — Katherine Perry
  • “Still reeling from my afternoon in the theatre yesterday, courtesy of Pangdemonium's #NextToNormalSG. How do you even begin to describe the moment art transcends the tangible? What an important, profound, breathtaking piece. Excuse me while I pick my heart off the floor. Everybody go watch Next To Normal! ”
    — Benjamin August Kheng
  • “I cannot say this enough, but thank you Pangdemonium, for being so KICK-ASS and unapologetic in shoving this AMAZING show in our faces.”
    — Chen Xinda
  • “NEXT TO NORMAL will sing its way right into your soul, burn its brand into your heart, in a manner both depressing and curiously, magically uplifting. Pangdemonium does this brave tale justice with its equally courageous, powerful production – it is, quite frankly, UNMISSABLE.”
    — Shawne Wang
  • “Intensely BLOWN AWAY by #NextToNormalSG, a Pangdemonium production. Some scenes are even better than the original Broadway version. CRAZY FANTASTIC!... Powerhouse performances from all the cast... Cutting deep, it leaves you in awe long after the show. ”
    — Rizal Iwan
  • “Huge congratulations on NEXT TO NORMAL! The show was awesome - so profoundly moving and deeply authentic. It was MAGIC! So grateful to have been there to witness it! And congratulations to Pangdemonium - for the FIERCENESS and BRAVERY, ARTISTRY and HEART! The world needs more theatre companies like you - who serve and contribute to humanity.”
    — Monique Wilson