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The Nimrud lens is made of rock crystal, a naturally occurring colourless quartz that can be shaped and polished like glass. Many ancient lenses are made of crystal, but glass ones, too, have been found. In fact, glass was quite well known in ancient times. Its manufacture was probably discovered by chance, and fragments dating back to the third millennium BC have been unearthed in Mesopotamia. But glass lenses, being chemically less stable than their natural counterparts, tend to become opaque on archaeological timescales, particularly when exposed to the air.

It is still imposing today, even though the ravages of war (in the 1670s) and fire (in the 1950s) have diminished it considerably. It would have been a marvellous place to grow up in. But little, if any, of Tycho’s childhood was spent there. In an event that seems unthinkable today, but could easily be rationalised in the unpredictable world of sixteenth-century Denmark, he was ‘stolen’ as a baby by his uncle Jørgen Brahe and aunt Inger Oxe, and raised by them as their son. There seems to have been little his natural parents could do but shrug their shoulders and get on with producing more children.

Van Helden interprets Della Porta’s description as being of a weak Galilean telescope to help people with extremely poor eyesight. And it is true that ungainly spectacles using this principle eventually became fairly common, until more sophisticated therapies emerged during the second half of the twentieth century. convex In the first true telescope, the small concave lens renders a normal eye artificially long-sighted, perfecting the image. Stargazer text pages 29/8/07 12:16 PM 46 | Page 46 STARGAZER However, there is an alternative interpretation.

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