Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings by Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Matthew Goodall, Jonathan Keith PDF

By Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Matthew Goodall, Jonathan Keith

ISBN-10: 1601253656

ISBN-13: 9781601253651

This in-depth gazetteer explores the mythical Lands of the Linnorm Kings, a northern realm of larger-than-life event the place Viking kings earn the appropriate to rule by way of defeating huge, immense, primeval dragons - linnorms. From the rugged western islands of the Ironbound Archipelago to the battleworn expanse referred to as Hagreach within the east, this Pathfinder atmosphere sourcebook comprises designated remedies of all of the significant locales within the sector. various experience websites and crusade topics are explored intimately, comparable to distant troll-haunted ruins, mysterious destinations associated with the eerie realm of the fey, or even a pattern linnorm hunt. principles on weregild (fees for hostages or slain enemies), effigies (mundane and magical how one can strike worry into your enemies), and recognition during this ferocious land are explored, as are numerous new monsters and pre-built enemy NPCs, corresponding to remorseless longship captains, berserkers, new trolls, and the main robust linnorm within the land - dread Fafnheir!

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Less commonly seen but still present are primeval beasts, including cave bears, woolly rhinoceroses, and saber-tooth tigers. A few small herds of mammoths also manage to survive in the harsh, predator-rich environment. In the sparely wooded hills, nomadic tribes of taiga giants live in peace with nature, avoiding contact with civilization and leaving little sign of their passing, while in the deep north, warmongering tribes of frost giants and their hill giant slaves rule the tundra from their strongholds in the Stormspear Mountains.

Gossamer ice bridges, seemingly too delicate to support any substantial weight yet stronger than steel, arch high over crevasses that plummet into unknowable depths. Yet all of this beauty conceals dangers, as ice golems keep eternal vigil over many of these spans, and various forms of frozen undead prowl among ice crystals the size of houses, endlessly searching for warm, living f lesh. An exiled ice devil named Damozent has claimed Kalva Island of Degenerate Cannibals Location: Southern Icemark Master: Old Crone Mavkaii (CE old female sorcerer 13) Notable Inhabitants: Kalvan cannibals, mindslaver mold, mutated animals, other dangerous fungi The isle of Kalva lies across the strait south of Icemark.

Beside the tree lies the source of a sacred stream where priests hold a great sacrif icial ceremony during the spring equinox. Zar Kragnaral: Many giant fortresses can be found among the Stormspear Mountains, but none have the reputation of great Zar Kragnaral, the legendary black basalt and blue ice fortress of the so-called Deathless Jarl. This immense fortress is presented in greater detail on page 43. Aganhei Scout 33 1 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings The Proving Grounds “I tell you this, adventurer—forge your own destiny or you will live in another’s shadow for all time.

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