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By Jan-Wim Wesselius

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This publication goals to illustrate that ''Primary History'', the old paintings inside the first 9 books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis-2 Kings), used to be written as one unitary paintings, in planned emulation of the Greek-language Histories of Herodotus of Halicarnassus (completed circa 440 BCE), in order that the variety of its books and sections is essentially a literary equipment. The paintings is assumed to were written within the interval 440-420 BCE, within the interval of reform frequently linked to the identify of Nehemiah. even though this thesis doesn't without delay impact questions of historicity, knowing the literary nature of ''Primary History'' grants to open new vistas for study into the heritage of Israel, the Hebrew Bible regularly and the heritage of the Hebrew language.

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G. VII, 108, perhaps 109,127 and 187). These are apparently not to be found in exactly corresponding places in the text. A striking parallel can be observed between the two typical battles recounted after this: the desperate stand of the Greeks, especially the Spartans under King Leonidas, at the pass of Thermopylae, where they hold back the enormous Persian army for some days (VII, 201-38), and the battle with Amalek, the archetypal enemy of Israel who is said to fight against it throughout history, in Exodus 17.

16 feeding the army VII, 119; 187 murmuring of Israel in Rephidim Exod. 2-3 advice of Demaratus VII, 209 war with Amalek, Moses Exod. 8-16 sits and stands, brother Aaron and Hur support him; written record, monument battle of Thermopylae, VII, 201-38 Xerxes sits and stands, brother Achaemenes and Demaratus give advice; written record, monument Mt Sinai, thunderstorm Exod. 19 Mt Parnassus, thunderstorm VIII, 35-39 mustering and counting of the people Num. 1-4 mustering and counting of the army VII, 60-100 prediction of Balaam Num.

19-23 and 82-102. 25. Cf. L. Younger, Ancient Conquest Accounts: A Study in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical History Writing (Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1990). 34 The Origin of the History of Israel Fig. 4 Relative position of similar pars in Herodotus and in primary History In both instances the direct link to the generation of the key figure is via the mother, while the father is a comparatively distant relative. This mother is also said to have influenced her son's career decisively. Xerxes was the son of Darius, son of Hystaspes, who ascended the throne of Persia after the death of Cyrus's son Cambyses and the defeat of the person passing for his brother Smerdis, and also the grandson of Cyrus through his mother Atossa; Darius, though, was also related to Cyrus, stemming from the same family of the Achaemenids.

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