Old Empires (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms - download pdf or read online

By Scott Bennie

ISBN-10: 0880388218

ISBN-13: 9780880388214

This publication provides the previous Empires for DMs and avid gamers alike. Descriptions of all of the significant towns and cities, maps of crucial ones, details at the humans, locations, economies, geography, and cultures of those international locations are inside those pages. arrange, then, to go into the nation-states of god-kings and pharaohs, of wierd magic unknown even to the likes of the purple Wizards of Thay.

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This rakshasa would create chaos in the priesthood of Horus-Re, and allow Seti to take the throne and lead Mulhorand to its rightful place as the sole power in the Realms. Second, Hodkamset has put together a team of resourceful and powerful servants of Set. This group travels the Realms in search of lost magic; he hopes to have enough powerful artifacts at his command that he could wage war against the manifestations of the gods themselves. This adventuring company is detailed later. As one might guess, Hodkamset is something of a megalomaniac.

SD: Immune to 1st- to 6th-level illusion/ phantasm spells; +3 or better weapon required to hit; any who touch Set must roll successful saving throw vs. poison or die; has appropriate spell immunities for high Wisdom. SD: Immune to 1st- to 4th-level illusion/ phantasm spells; high Wisdom gives immunity to the following spells: cause fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism, forget, hold person, ray of enfeeblement, scare, fear. Weapons: By individual incarnation (typically magical spear) Armor: Scaly skin (natural AC 1, plus DEX bonus) Other Items: Per individual incarnation The manifestation of Set appears as a muscular man with a jackal’s head.

SA: Special weapon (scepter) negates all 4th-level or lower spells cast at him; awe effect stuns all creatures of 8HD or levels or lower; anyone who touches his body in battle must roll a successful saving throw vs. death or die; shapechange at will; controls all vegetation in a 200yard radius, at will. SD: Sees all invisible objects and illusions for what they really are. Incarnation AC: 0 MOVE: 12 HIT POINTS: 100 THAC0: 6 #AT: 2 DMG/ATT: 1d6 + 11/1d6 + 11 MR: 65% CLASSES: Ranger 15, Mage 15, Priest 18 STR 23 (+4, +10) DEX 18 CON 20 INT 21 WIS 19 CHA 20 SA: The incarnation of Osiris may use any Plant spell at will, once per round; awe effect stuns all creatures of 2HD or levels or lower, at will.

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