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By Ruth Gairns

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A contemporary, speaking-centred normal English path that is helping scholars use language obviously.

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E. g. health is the cause of walking. For why does one walk? We say ‘in order that one may be healthy’, and in speaking thus we think we have given the cause. (Metaphysics 1013a24–36) These are nowadays usually referred to as (1) ‘material’, (2) ‘formal’, (3) ‘efficient’ and (4) ‘final’ causes. ), Aristotle takes the example of a house to illustrate how all four types of cause may apply to one and the same thing (the material, earth and stones, of which the house is made; its form as a building; the builder who built it, by erecting earth and stones into that particular form; and the architectural function the completed structure fulfils).

Large transported blocks of stone generally embedded in clays or gravels. CUTANEOUS. Of or belonging to the skin. DORSAL. Of or belonging to the back. EMBRYO. The young animal undergoing development within the egg or womb. FUNGI (sing. FUNGUS). A class of cellular plants of which Mushrooms, Toadstools, and Moulds are familiar examples. Others are less familiar, although still surviving as technical terms, such as: 36 The Semantics of Science MONOCOTYLEDONS or MONOCOTYLEDONOUS PLANTS. Plants in which the seed sends up only a single seed-leaf (or cotyledon); characterized by the absence of consecutive layers of wood in the stem (endogenous growth), by the veins of the leaves being generally straight, and by the parts of the flowers being generally in multiples of three.

That had already been established for all to see by his selection of evidence and by the language of his book. Darwin’s great contribution to science as a supercategory was that he managed to get an unprovable and patently metaphysical thesis accepted at one stroke as an outstanding advance in scientific thinking because it offered a rational alternative to revealed religion. ) * * * Thales’ account of earthquakes is not even mentioned in Aristotle’s discussion of the subject in his Meteorology, much less lauded as the first scientific account.

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