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By Nicos P. Mouzelis

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Though this be granted, one must be very careful not to fall into the kind of evolutionist trap which interprets political events in terms of conceptual schemes derived from Western European political development. It has been a great temptation, especially for Greek Marxist historians, to explain the 1909 coup as a bourgeois/merchant-instigated military intervention; or to see the political conflict between Venizelos and his royalist opponents as a struggle between the rising bourgeoisie and the declining feudal landlord classes.

1 0 6 To sum up, the territorial and population growth, the influx of foreign capital, the development of an extensive transport system, the creation of a unified internal market and the establishment of an institutional framework facilitating State intervention in the economy, provided some of the basic preconditions for the development of capitalism in the Greek social formation - a development which will lead to the dominance of the capitalist mode of production after 1922. However, the manner in which these preconditions were created (the impetus originated mainly from the outside and serving foreign and diaspora interests) presaged the kind of peripheral, underdeveloped capitalism which in fact did flourish in the next period - a capitalism radically different from and much less autonomous than that of the West.

As far as the study of third-world countries is concerned, the theorists who have been most influenced by Althusser's critique are mainly Marxist anthropologists who try to see to what extent a rigorous application of such Marxist concepts as forces and relations of production, mode of production, social formation etc. can be useful in analysing the impact of western capitalism on the so-called primitive societies. 4 5 Some of the differences between neo-Marxists and the French anthropological school may conveniently be examined by considering the former's criticism of dualistic theories of development.

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