Graham Staplehurst, Peter C. Fenlon, Angus McBride's Minas Tirith: Cities of Middle-earth (Middle Earth Role PDF

By Graham Staplehurst, Peter C. Fenlon, Angus McBride

ISBN-10: 1558060014

ISBN-13: 9781558060012

Minas Tirith, the Guarded urban, rises from the bottom of Mount Mindolluin. Capital of Gondor, it's the preeminent image of the fight opposed to Sauron of Mordor. No different urban in western Middle-earth deals better desire for the security of the loose Peoples. Minas Tirith instructions the huge hole among the White Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow that encircle the darkish Lord's place of birth. Its seven partitions and 7 degrees appear to develop out of the stone, as though carved by way of Giants. every one tier of the Royal urban wraps round the rock and looms above the encircling zone, its ramparts glimmering white with every one dawn. excessive atop the capital, at the uppermost point, the Tower of Ecthelion reaches skyward like a pearl-and-crystal spire. Amidst the typhoon spawned by way of the Lord of the earrings, this fortress is the final carry in Minas Tirith, an unheard of bastion in an ominous time.

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