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By Charles Barry Townsend

ISBN-10: 0486251233

ISBN-13: 9780486251233

Totally illustrated with strange engravings from the prior, those ninety five strange and sundry puzzles, mazes, riddles, card tips and be aware difficulties will dazzle either adults and youngsters wanting to try out their psychological muscle. advent. suggestions. 167 black-and-white illustrations.

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Habitat/Society: Theiwar inhabit great subterranean realms. Their cities are often adjacent to those of other dwarven races, two of their largest strongholds are part of the Hylar–dominated kingdom of Thorbardin. About 40–50% of a group of Hylar are children and females. An average group of 15 adult male Theiwar includes six 1st–level fighter, two 2nd– to 4th–level fighters, two 5th–level or higher fighters, one savant Theiwar, two student savants, and two paladins and thieves of various levels.

Warrior Theiwar are rumored to eat humans dur– ing drunken festivals. Theiwar Class Limits Class Warrior Fighter Ranger Paladin Solamnic Knight Wizard Mage (Renegade) Illusionist (Renegade) Wizard of High Sorcery Priest Cleric (Heathen) Druid (Heathen) Holy Order of the Stars Rogue Thief Bard Max. Level Unlim N/E * 8 N/E * N/E * N/E * 10 8 N/E * * N/E means not eligible for that class. Theiwar have ail of the special abilities of dwarves listed in the 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook. Their initial ability rolls are modified by a –1 penalty to Cha– risma and a + 1 bonus to Constitution.

It is intelligent (Int 11 and Ego 11) and controls anyone who touches it, if the character’s Intelligence and Wisdom scores total 21 or less. The hammer of Kharas has the following special abilities at the 20th level of magic use, activated at the hammer’s discretion: de– tects evil as a paladin; gives wielder immunity to fear, both normal and magical; wielder unaffected by 1st–4th level spells; casts prayer once per day; acts as a potion of fire giant strength once per day; casts cure serious wounds once per day; inspires magical awe in all dwarves, stunning them into inaction until the wielder disappears from sight.

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