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By M. Singer and J.P. Schadé (Eds.)

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Lajtha and Dr. G. Majno for communication of unpublished details of experiments. Dr. Lajtha thinks that gradients may be due to some factor other than different composition of axoplasmic proteins along the nerve. r P AXOPLASMIC STREAMING I N NERVE FIBRES 27 along nerves are concerned, unless the investigated compound is known to be localized exclusively in the axons, a tacit assumption has to be made that the composition of Schwann cells is uniform throughout the whole length of the nerve. Such assumption may not be necessarily correct.

N. Saunders for their kind communication of unpublished results. r r AXOPLASMIC STREAMING I N NERVE FIBRES 43 cell bodies and from the endings, the possibility of new supply from the perikarya as well as of a loss towards the periphery was eliminated. Such isolated segment was left in situ for periods from 2 to 96 h then removed and cut into 6 to 12 short pieces which were analyzed separately for AChE activity. These experiments provided information about the distribution of the enzyme in the isolated nerve segment and, important for elucidation of the origin of local increases at the ends, about the total AChE content of the segment at the investigated time intervals.

The fatiguable stretch is also more easily stained by methylene blue than the unaltered parts of fibres. In the sciatic of frog both fatiguability and increased stainability begin near the site of section and advance along the nerve in the peripheral direction at a rate of about 20 mm a day (at 20"). There are indications that in the tracts of white matter even the fragmentation of fibres may spread in the proximo-distal direction and the time of survival of fibres may be influenced by the length of the peripheral stump.

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