Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Wood Ingham, Joseph's Magnum Opus (Promethean: the Created) PDF

By Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Wood Ingham, Joseph Carriker

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Lead into gold. valueless into precious. fake hearth right into a mortal soul. this is often the hunt of each Promethean, yet many roads result in Mortality. Over the centuries, the Refinements have replaced, new ones were chanced on and outdated ones misplaced, and secrets and techniques too negative for the mundane international were buried and coated in lies. The Created can't have enough money to permit those hoary legends pass, despite the fact that — now not while one such legend may well bring about crowning glory of the Magnum Opus

A chronicle sourcebook for Promethean: The Created™

• The dwelling heritage of the Created — secrets and techniques, oddities and innovations for gamers and Storytellers, together with new Refinements

• unique dialogue of the Pilgrimage and trade how one can current it in a chronicle

• a brand new tale within the “Water of Life” chronicle all started in Promethean: The Created, set within the Colorado Rockies

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Stuck as the Prodigal is between the physical and spiritual worlds, it is unlikely that any Created will encounter the Prodigal demiurge directly. The entity isn’t likely to dabble directly in situations in which Promethean already exist, either, as it sees them as a reminder of its past failures, although as with any mythology, the Storyteller should feel free to use it in whatever manner best suits the story. In addition, this mythology may prove useful as a background story to lead philosophical Prometheans into deeper contemplation of several of the aforementioned aspects of their existence.

He finds himself a river to camp by, and then he starts dreaming. It’s not easy. He puts down his head every night, and every day, he hunts down something to eat and drinks from the river and thinks about what he’s going to dream about. It doesn’t work to begin with. He does it night after night, and the moon changes its shape over and over again, and the river gets lower and higher several times over, and the dreams don’t do what he wants them to do. Dreams are slippery things. They don’t pay attention to you.

THE PRODIGAL DEMIURGE The Root of the Divine Demiurge As far back as ancient Greece, philosophers attributed the ability to extend one’s self far beyond the normal limits of creative ability to the attention or patronage of a divine benefactor or muse. This godly patron would inspire the artisan, either through a direct manifestation and influence or through more subtle means, out of an innate desire to see the world enriched with ever greater and more glorious works of art and creativity. At least in the case of the Created, however, the reality is much less selfless.

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