Ahron Bregman's Israel's Wars: A History since 1947 (Warfare and History) PDF

By Ahron Bregman

ISBN-10: 0415287154

ISBN-13: 9780415287159

Israel's Wars is an engaging and crucial perception into the turbulent heritage of this afflicted nation which, considering the fact that its origin, has persisted nearly consistent violence. Bringing its insurance modern with contemporary conflicts, this fourth variation encompasses a new bankruptcy at the Gaza wars from 2007-2014, a brand new preface and an up to date concluding chapter.

From the 1947-8 Jewish-Palestinian fight for mastery of the land of Palestine to the Al-Aqsa intifada, the second one Lebanon battle and the Gaza wars, Bregman exposes hitherto unknown evidence, together with info of mystery Soviet involvement in inciting the 1967 Six Day battle, Israeli bombing of the yank warship the USS Liberty, and Israeli assassinations of best Palestinians within the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Illustrated all through with maps and images, this re-creation is efficacious studying for college kids of Arab-Israeli conflicts over the past seventy years.

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In fact, the main feature and also the object of this new military system is the production of a huge reserve with which to expand the active army in war. The third tier of the military system is the professional component composed of career personnel, most of whom serve in the air force and the navy. It was clear from the start, that if this system, which is based overwhelmingly on civilian reserves, was to function properly, it would have to rely heavily on a first-rate intelligence service which was capable of providing an alert early enough for reserves to be called up, mobilized and join the regulars; a big investment was therefore put into creating an effective army intelligence service.

Ben Gurion’s statement was reinforced by the ‘Law of Return’ which was passed by the Knesset on 5 July 1950 and said, among other statements, that: ‘Every Jew has the right to immigrate to the country’. This became one of the most important laws ever passed by the Israeli parliament, for it opened the gates of Israel and enabled every Jew to come and join in the attempt to build a nation and a state and to become automatically one of its citizens. 40 israel’s wars During the first seven and a half months of the state’s existence, 101,819 Jewish immigrants arrived, and they were added to in 1949 by 239,076 new arrivals, in 1950 by 170,597, in 1951 by 172,245 and between 1952 and 1955 by 92,204 Jews; in addition there were 88,338 Jewish births during these last four years.

These opposing aims of Jews and Arabs led to the ‘battle of the roads’ which raged in Palestine during the first half of 1948, with Jewish forces attempting to gain control of the communications roads and the Arabs of Palestine seeking to prevent them from achieving this. In the initial stages of the civil war the Arabs gained the upper hand and succeeded in dictating the pattern of the struggle. By March 1948 they had cut off the entire Negev – allotted to the Jews by the UN – from the coastal plain, as well as most of Western Galilee and the Jerusalem area; they also succeeded in isolating many of the Jewish settlements within these regions from one another.

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