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14. THE JUNTA PERIOD AND THE IAU The year 1967 was also very busy. Besides the New York Institute for Space Studies, I attended the IAU Colloquium on the N-body problem in Paris, and the IAU General Assembly in Prague. In Paris I presented the N-body calculations of K. Prendergast (Columbia University) and R. Miller (University of Chicago) that reached millions of particles. The idea was very simple. Instead of accurate calculations they developed a program that works only with integers. In every dimension the coordinate x and the velocity v (and also the time) take only integer values.

12a). The sizes of the islands are derived theoretically by the corresponding resonant forms of the third integral. But if the perturbation is large enough the theoretical islands should overlap. In fact the orbits cannot follow one resonance rather than the other and they become chaotic. Then 43 the invariant surfaces that separate the various resonances are destroyed (Fig. 12b). The interaction of resonances is the basic mechanism of generation of chaos. One resonance alone does not produce chaos.

With M. H´enon at an excursion in Pella during the IAU Symposium No 25 (1964). That was my mistake. I never saw the manuscript again, nor did any one else. Prendergast was a genious but also known for his neglect in publishing papers. Unfortunately I did not know it at that time. ) (proportional to exp (2θ)). Someone asked what is the density and the author replied that it is found by Poisson’s equation. I pointed out to him that this gives a multivalued density, but the author replied that he could not offer a better answer.

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