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By Monte Cook

The unusual and the glorious for Numenera

The key to a superb Numenera crusade is to fill it packed with marvelous, incredible, bizarre rules. And this product is stuffed with simply such issues. within, you'll discover a dialogue of the unusual, in addition to actually countless numbers of rules to choose (or randomly generate) the unusual facets of historical locations, groups, NPCs, creatures, barren region destinations, and goods. As an advantage, you'll discover a new bizarre descriptor and new bizarre foci in order that the participant characters may also take part at the weirdness.

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History is alive to a Cahalith. Just as a scent can tell her something of a person who passed by yesterday, an old saga can tell her about the life and passion of someone who lived long ago. ELODOTH : THE H ALF M OON Half Moons represent Luna half-hidden. It is said that half of them go through the First Change in the daytime, and half at night. Every werewolf’s personality changes slightly over the course of the month; becoming more easily aggravated during the full moon and a bit morose during the new moon.

The cat-spirits of a city might all bow to the cunning and cruel Tom Bloodyhooks, who pays homage to the Pride Mother, a monstrous feline Incarna who hunts the darker paths of the spirit wilds by night. Some spirits act as loose allies to the Uratha, for they owe their allegiance to the Firstborn. Others are independently bound as pack totems. The great majority of spirits have no love for the fleshy children of Mother Luna and Father Wolf, though. The more powerful the spirit is, the more likely it is that it owes allegiance to multiple lords, that it plans to supplant its own master or that it vies with its brethren for a place of superiority.

Even a sprint across a farmer’s fallow field hurts his paws. Dire Wolf’s children suffer a less stringent ban, but still tend to wear only clothes they have made themselves — often from the skins of prey. THE BALE H OUNDS (ASAH GADAR) The Bale Hounds aren’t a tribe. They don’t follow one of the Firstborn or hold to the Oath — though they might pretend to. Most are recruited from within the ranks of one of the eight tribes, and they might still feign loyalty to that tribe. Their true allegiances, however, lie with spirit patrons darker in nature than even the most savage wolf-spirit.

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