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By Julius Rebek Jr.

ISBN-10: 981467835X

ISBN-13: 9789814678353

This monograph describes the habit of molecules constrained to small areas. The small areas are created via the self-assembly of modules into hole capsular constructions via hydrogen bonding; drugs assembled by means of metal/ligand binding or different forces will not be incorporated. subject matters mentioned contain how meeting of pills happens, how molecules get out and in of the pills, new spatial preparations (stereochemistry) created within the pills, and the altered shapes, interactions and reactivities of molecules held contained in the small areas. The descriptions emphasize molecular reputation phenomena and the point of view is that of actual natural chemistry.

The booklet is the 1st monograph to regard reversible molecular encapsulation. greater than 20 collage and institute teams world wide have interaction during this study, which represents the vanguard of task in molecular reputation and the actual natural chemistry of restrained molecules.

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August 27, 2015 14:25 Hydrogen-bonded Capsules - 9in x 6in b2107-ch01 Spherical and Similar Capsules page 21 21 The tennis ball and other spherical capsules involve dimerization of self-complementary structures; the curvature and hydrogenbonding patterns provide instructions for assembly. 15). In terms of its chemical implications, this was accomplished by keeping the tennis ball’s curvature but engineering the hydrogen bond patterns to force assembly of components in a head-to-tail manner. 16), synthesized by Carlos Valdes and Leticia Toledo, had the appropriate patterns but lacked an enforced curvature.

1, showing the hydrogen-bonded ureas and the synthetic sequence. Bottom: A partial NMR spectrum showing the diastereotopic signals (D) for the benzyl groups. [From PNAS 92, 12403–12407. 1 and its “deconstruction” by the addition of competitive ureas 2. 10 Again, the solvent size proved critical; in this case p-xylene-d10 was not encapsulated and was sufficiently free of smaller impurities to allow intended guests access. For the first time, we could see that certain guests had preferred orientations in the capsule.

Steed JW, Junk PC, Atwood JL. (1994) Ball and socket nanostructures: new supramolecular chemistry based on cyclotriveratrylene. J Am Chem Soc 116, 10346–10347. 53. Scarso A, Pellizzaro L, De Lucchi O, et al. (2007) Gas hosting in enantiopure self-assembled oximes. Angew. Chem Int Ed 46, 4972–4975. 54. Fabris F, Pellizzaro L, Zonta C, De Lucchi O. (2007) A novel C3-symmetric triol as chiral receptor for ammonium ions. Eur J Org Chem 283–291. 55. Bruton EA, Brammer L, Pigge FC, et al. (2003) Hydrogen bond patterns in aromatic and aliphatic dioximes.

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