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Conscious adventure and idea content material are commonly handled as exact difficulties. This e-book argues that they're no longer. half One develops a chastened empiricist idea of content material, which cedes to adventure an important position in rooting the contents of techniques, yet deploys an multiplied perception of expertise and of the ways that contents can be rooted in adventure. half indicates how, have been the realm as we adventure it to be, our neurophysiology will be enough to represent capacities for the diversity of intuitive innovations well-known by means of half One. half 3 argues that physics has proven that our adventure isn't really veridical, and that this means that no thoroughly believable account of ways we have now suggestions is understandable by means of people. but this leaves innovations now not specifically suspect, simply because such concerns additionally suggest that every one confident and contingent human conceptions of something are false.

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It is basic in that sense, basic in what I will call "generation", above all. But basic content is basic in another sense; it is also basic in truth. Barring a few complications to which I have already alluded and to which we will return, its truth or falsity serves to fix the truth or falsity of all human thoughts, whether their content is merely basic or not. 2 Because of the way in which it does this, basic content will turn out to be the coherent content which we seek. It is from basic content that a conception of human agency must be constructed if we are to make proper sense of ourselves, if we are to coherently articulate what would need to be true for there to be such agents as we take ourselves to be.

So I believe that all cognitive thoughts have representational contents which "cover" their referential contents. This does not imply that representational content "determines" referential content in any of the standard ways, but it may seem to. Let me now defuse objections which that mistaken worry would invite. Russell thought that the sense of names determined their reference in the following way:38 The sense of a name is captured by a definite description, something of the form "the unique so and so".

Still things may be "present to the mind" in such thoughts under some aspects rather than others. 21 This characterization of intensionality may seem to suggest yet another feature of representational content, but this suggestion is an illusion. Some may confuse my claims here with another claim which they find objectionable, because they have a certain view about what introspectibility requires, and which I'm not necessarily endorsing. 22 "Internalism" is the view that only the internal states of an agent, what's inside its skin, constitute if3 as having the thoughts with the representational contents that it does.

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