New PDF release: How to win at greyhound betting

By Samuel Blankson

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At the present time, activities' having a bet is a huge for the bookmakers and race organisers. Of the entire those who make the most of activities racing the "punters" (or subsequently, you), are the final at the record of people that constantly gain.. in truth the greyhounds most likely achieve extra from those races than such a lot punters. Why is that? good, there are lots of purposes yet so much of them centre on those issues: loss of a confirmed procedure and Greed. This publication heavily learn those issues, and provides innovations and platforms for attaining consistant wins.

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For this reason, I prefer to invest in the morning and sometimes afternoon, greyhound races. As with other techniques, reverse the times of the races for maximum profitability as illustrated in Table 4-1 and Table 4-2. Win/Lose Time 13:44 WIN 13:33 13:27 LOSE 13:19 13:12 13:06 LOSE 12:58 12:51 12:44 WIN 12:37 12:29 12:23 WIN 12:16 12:09 12:02 WIN 11:55 11:48 11:41 WIN 11:34 11:26 Venue Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Sheffield Sunderland Odds £33 £67 £14 £29 £57 £14 £29 £57 £14 £29 £57 £14 £29 £57 £14 £29 £57 £14 £29 £57 25 How To Win At Greyhound Betting Table 4-1: Morning races with the times reversed Win/Lose Time Venue Odds LOSE 18:04 Crayford £0 17:58 Romford £14 LOSE 17:48 Crayford £29 17:44 Romford £57 17:33 Crayford £14 WIN 17:27 Romford £29 17:17 Crayford £57 17:07 Romford £14 WIN 16:57 Crayford £29 16:48 Romford £57 16:37 Crayford £14 WIN 16:27 Romford £29 16:18 Crayford £57 16:08 Romford £14 WIN 15:58 Crayford £29 15:48 Romford £57 15:38 Crayford £14 WIN 15:28 Romford £29 15:17 Crayford £57 15:07 Romford £14 LOSE 14:57 Crayford £29 14:47 Romford £57 14:37 Crayford £14 14:27 Romford £29 LOSE 14:18 Crayford £57 14:08 Romford £14 WIN 13:58 Crayford £29 13:48 Romford £57 Table 4-2: Afternoon races with the times reversed1 1 The 18:04 race has £0 assigned to it, as it is an incomplete grid.

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