Jeff McKeage's Hillmen of the Trollshaws (MERP ICE #8040) PDF

By Jeff McKeage

ISBN-10: 0915795248

ISBN-13: 9780915795246

HILLMEN of the Trollshaws info the lands of western RHUDAUR. event within the rocky highlands close to Cameth Brin, the place Trolls and the ghosts of Petty-Dwarves hang-out historical caverns.


The ominous shadow of Cameth Brin, the "Twisted Hill," looms above the oaks and elms of the Trollshaws in principal Rhudaur. till the 3rd Age, few males dared to return close to this dreadful position; many would-be explorers feared the presence of evil spirits, whereas others have been scared off via the unnatural visual appeal of the hill itself. Cameth Brin rises 830 ft above the single vale in all of the Trollshaws that may rather be known as reasonable. Its base is a steep yet normal hill, yet from this origin erupts a tortured outcropping of bare black granite that leans impossibly a long way over the southern face. It seems like a sparrow's sneeze may ship the craggy most sensible tumbling down upon the city and the valley less than. yet relaxation guaranteed - Cameth Brin will suffer a ways worse than sneezes.

Early within the 3rd Age, males received mastery over Cameth Brin for a time, they usually outfitted upon it a robust castle dominating the entire western Trollshaws, an important sector within the rugged and typically unsettled lands of Rhudaur. The warped shadows of Cameth Brin fall seriously upon the affairs of guys during this wild and bleak nation, for they've got succumbed back to the powers of evil. Herein are instructed 4 stories of the Twisted Hill, tales that inform a lot of the sorrowful heritage of Rhudaur and its peoples. the 1st story issues Hill-trolls, the second one, Miffli the Petty-Dwarf, the unique grasp of Cameth Brin, and the way the Dunedain of Amor wrested the heights from him and his evil forces in T.A. 162. a 3rd tale tells of the determined makes an attempt to rescue the Princess Alquawen from the clutches of King Broggha and the Evil Elfmaiden, Korekalwen, in T.A. 1671 . the story is but to be informed in its ultimate shape: it narrates the restoration of the ruins of Cameth Brin from the foul Orcs and Trolls that abide there on the sunrise of the Fourth Age.

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Owned by Lorin Camm (CN female human expert 3) and her husband Boris (NG male human commoner 2), the Willow is a hub for gossip and a place of business for the town’s few prostitutes. Fetchlings are generally not allowed in the tavern except during daylight. Inhabitants In addition to the notable inhabitants mentioned above and throughout the adventure, the following Karpad locals each have interesting stories and may serve to expand the flavor of the town beyond the scope of The Midnight Mirror.

Yet the next year, more fetchlings were born to Karpad’s human citizens. Now, to prevent revolts, and out of the believe that fetchlings are bastards or abominations, they in Karpad are ghettoized, forced to live in the ramshackle neighborhood on the southern banks of Dimar’s Way known as Shade Row. D. Temple of Zon-Kuthon: The second-oldest and second-largest building in Karpad, the temple to ZonKuthon is also one of the few built entirely of stone. A graveyard surrounds the spired temple, and a row of Boroi family mausoleums surrounds that.

They worship Zon-Kuthon, but theirs is the quiet piety of tradition, not the burning devotion of fanatics. Each week at the temple the townsfolk cut or pierce themselves to offer a measure of blood and pain to their god, but none bring the knife near their hands—a farmer must be able to hold his tools, after all. For reasons unknown to Karpad’s inhabitants, fetchlings have always been relatively common in the valley, and several are born to human parents each generation with no explanation. Under the leadership of a shae advisor to the Boroi family nearly a millennia ago, the fetchling population attempted a revolt to overthrow the ruling family and establish themselves as the primary inhabitants in Karpad.

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