Go Figure! : Using Math to Answer Everyday Imponderables by Clint Brookhart PDF

By Clint Brookhart

ISBN-10: 0071399658

ISBN-13: 9780071399654

ISBN-10: 0809226081

ISBN-13: 9780809226085

ISBN-10: 0809228823

ISBN-13: 9780809228829

Number of difficulties for maths buffs.

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50 Not bad for twenty days’ work! Something for Everyone Looking for a Date? Carbon Dating and the Shroud of Turin Carbon dating is a method for determining the age of prehistoric organic material by measuring its radioactivity. The technique was developed by an American chemist, Dr. Willard F. Libby (1908 –1980), in the late 1940s. All living things absorb carbon 14 from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. After an animal or plant dies, the amount of carbon 14 present begins to break down by releasing particles at a uniform rate.

S. population in 2050 is predicted to be 392 million. A scientific calculator makes finding the solution to this exercise fairly simple. If you don’t have an ex key, recognize that ex is the inverse of the natural logarithm, ln. 76 Something for Everyone Example: When we speak of a cohort in fishing terms, we are referring to the total number of fish in one yearly reproduction cycle. Suppose you wanted to estimate the percentage of a cohort of Pacific halibut that would still be alive after six years.

Place the compass point at A (the midpoint of OB) and set the radius for the length AC. Draw arcs at C and D. Step 3. Set the radius of the compass for the length CD. Place the compass point at C and mark off point E on the circle. Proceeding around the circle (see Figure 2), mark off points F, G, and H. Step 4. Draw the five-point star by connecting points as shown in Figure 2. Now Prove It! Do the five points of your star truly and accurately divide the 360 degrees of the circle into five equal arcs?

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Go Figure! : Using Math to Answer Everyday Imponderables by Clint Brookhart

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