Terry Dovale, Geraldine Dammers, Barbara Lockwood, Elena's Getting Around The Islands in Papiamentu PDF

By Terry Dovale, Geraldine Dammers, Barbara Lockwood, Elena Dovale

This is often greater than a phrasebook. Geared precisely to existence within the ABC islands, this booklet delivers island street symptoms, the Dutch and Spanish phrases for meals offered within the Dutch grocery shops and stale the Venezuelan fruit boats, in addition to insights into neighborhood wisdom. yet even though our first target is to offer you a realistic publication, language is greater than announcing definitely the right sentences on the correct time. So we finish the ebook with a heritage of Papiamentu and with the necessities of Papiamentu grammar, so that you can transcend the words we now have given you. Bon Biní!

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RESTAURANTS Foodserver: Good afternoon. Do you want fries, funchi or rice? Bon tardi. Señor ke batata hasá, funchi òf aros? Mi amigu ke batata hasá. Mi tin hamber. Mi por haña funchi i aros? Foodserver: Sure. Anything to drink? Sigur. Señornan ke algu pa bebe? Customer: What kind (brand) of beer have you? Kua marka di serbes señor tin? Foodserver: We have Polar and Amstel. Nos tin Polar i Amstel. Customer: Two Amstel, please. Do we sit wherever we want? Dos Amstel, por fabor. Nos por sinta kaminda nos ke?

LET’S DO A DIALOGUE Leaving the Hotel Visitor: Good morning. We are checking out now so we need our bill. Could you send someone to bring (down) our luggage and dive equipment? And could you call us a taxi, please? Bon dia señora. Nos ta bai pues nos por haña nos kuenta? Señora por manda un hende pa (baha) nos maleta i ekipo pa sambuyá? I señora por yama un taksi pa nos por fabor? Receptionist: Good morning. Here is your bill. Sign here please for your credit card. The hotel van will take you to the airport.

Su papelnan di seguro? aksidente=ahk-see-din-ti • e=i (it) • a=ah • tuma=too-mah • lugá=loo-gah • na=nah • mi=mee • wak=wahk • su=soo • papelnan=pah-pil-nahng • di=dee • seguro= si-goo-roh The number of your license plate is? What is your name and address? Where’s the police station? What is the number for the police? /sra. su plachi tin? /sra. su nòmber i direkshon ta? Unda warda di polis* ta? Ki number polis* tin? ki=kee • plachi=plah-chee • kon=kohng • nòmber= nom-ber (ò=got) • direkshon=dee-rik-shohng • warda=wahr-dah Kandela!

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