Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, by William Alexander PDF

By William Alexander

ISBN-10: 1616204257

ISBN-13: 9781616204259

“A pleasant and brave story and a romping stable learn. Voila!” —Mark Greenside, writer of I’ll by no means Be French (No topic What I Do)

William Alexander is greater than a Francophile. He desires to be French. There’s one small quandary notwithstanding: he doesn’t converse la langue française. In Flirting with French, Alexander units out to beat the language he loves. yet will it love him back?

Alexander eats, breathes, and sleeps French (even conjugating in his dreams). He travels to France, the place mistranslations ship him bicycling off in all types of incorrect instructions, and he approximately drowns in an immersion type in Provence, the place, confronted with the riddle of masculine breasts, female beards, and a turkey cutlet of doubtful gender, he begins to wonder if he should’ve taken up golfing rather than French. whereas taking part in hooky from grammar classes and reminiscence concepts, Alexander experiences at the riotous workings of the Académie française, the four-hundred-year-old establishment charged with preserving the language natural; explores the technology of human verbal exchange, studying why it’s tougher for fifty-year-olds to profit a moment language than it's for five-year-olds; and, pissed off together with his development, explores an IBM learn lab, the place he trades barbs with a futuristic hand held translator.

Does he reach changing into fluent? Readers may be as stunned as Alexander is to find that, in a desirable twist, learning French could have had a miles larger effect on his existence than truly studying to talk it ever would.

“A mix of ardour and neuroscience, this literary love affair bargains shock insights into the human mind and the advantages of studying a moment language. analyzing William Alexander’s ebook is similar to having an MRI of the soul.” —Laura Shaine Cunningham, writer of Sleeping Arrangements
“Alexander proves that studying a brand new language is an experience of its own--with the entire unforeseen hindrances, dazzling breakthroughs and moments of elegant excitement touring brings.” —Julie Barlow, writer of Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be flawed  

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