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By Gloria Rand

ISBN-10: 0805054669

ISBN-13: 9780805054668

ISBN-10: 1588245713

ISBN-13: 9781588245717

A boy and his father prefer to hike within the historical woodland close to their domestic. yet sooner or later they realize blue marks on the various trees--the marks of loggers. The boy comes to a decision they have to do anything to attempt to avoid wasting the woodland. A crusade is introduced and the struggle is on.Gloria and Ted Rand have been encouraged to create this e-book after listening to real-life tales from their son, Martin, who's an lively conservationist in Washington kingdom. jointly, this writer and illustrator crew has captured the quiet majesty of our nation's old forests. Bordering the artwork are pics of local vegetation and animals; a brief nature consultant on the finish of the publication offers younger naturalists with tips about deciding on timber and animal tracks.

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