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Solutions page 53) CROSSROADS For this puzzle you need seven coins or counters The challenge is to place all seven coins in sequence on seven of the eight circles, But to do this every coin must first be placed on an empty circle and shd along There is a simple {J strategy to complete t> the puzzle every time, no matter where you start Can you work it out? one of the two associated lines to the circle where it will remain. The difficulty increases as you play: can you continue to find empty circles so you can follow the rules and move coins where you want them?

Mr B Mrs B. seventh crossing to mainland — Mr A. Mr B Mrs A, MrsB Mr A. Mi B Mr C. Mrs C. eighth crossing to island — Mrs C. Mrs A. MrsB. Mrs C. Mr A MrB Mr C. ninth crossing to mainland Mrs B. Mrs C. Mr* A. Mr A. MrB MrsB. Mi C. Mrs C tenth crossing to island Mr A, Mr A. Mrs A. eleventh crossing to mainland Mr A. Mrs A 60 MAINLAND Mr B. Mrs B M r C MrsC. M r C . MrsC. Mr B. Mrs B. Mr C. Mrs C. Mr A. Mrs A Mr B Mrs B Mr C. Mrs C. This is just one of many such problems relating to couples who are presented as inseparable in some way.

MrB MrsB Mr C. Mrs C. first crossing to mainland Mi A. Mrs A M r B MrsB, Mr C. Mrs C. Mr A. Mrs A second crossing to island Mr A. Mr A. MrB. M r s B M r C , Mrs C. Mrs A third crossing to mainland — Mrs B. Mrs C. Mr A MrB. Mr C. Mrs A: MrsB MrsC. fourth crossing to island Mrs A. Mr A Mrs A MrB. MrC. MrsB MrsC fifth crossing to mainland — Mi B Mr C. Mr A. Mrs A. sixth crossing to island — MrB MrsB Mr A Mrs A. Mr B Mrs B. seventh crossing to mainland — Mr A. Mr B Mrs A, MrsB Mr A. Mi B Mr C. Mrs C.

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