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In aqueous solutions such complexes give very small change in the neptunium behaviour-except for analysis using direct spectrophotometry in concentrated solution of uranium. Recent studies [l9 ] have shown large enhancement of the apparent equilibrium constant of these complexes in organic medium (about 100 for U VI-NpV complex in 30 % TBP solution). This is illustrated by the figure 5. Studies about their influence on redox reaction of the neptunium in organic phases are in progress. But scouting works showed for instance that the neptunium VI is reduced by nitrous acid in TBP medium if uranium is present in significant amount• 2 Another interesting cation-cation complexe is the bi-nuclear complexe NpVRu(N0)III which has a slow kinetic of formation [19].

8 8 interfacial area measurements. In this direction of transfer large irregular droplets were produced which made it impossible to estimate the interfacial area with that degree of precision necessary to identify trends in the area-free overall mass transfer coefficient. REFERENCES 1. Pratt H R C. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 1(4),669 (1983). 2. Horner D, Mailen J, Thiel S, Scott T, Yates R. 103 (1980). 3. Bell R L. 4. Treybal R E, (1963) Ind Eng Chem Fund 19, Ph D Thesis, University of Washington (1964).

These values of concentration were converted into weight fractions and the number of transfer units (NTU) determined by standard graphical techniques (4). For example for the backwash data:- (NTU) (1) 0£ The overall height of a transfer unit ( H T U ) length (h) is:(HTU) OE (NTU) QE over the effective column (2) QE Mass transfer coefficients on an area basis ( K a ) determined:(Ka) OE - ( H T U ) 0E Q E can thus be < 3 ) Droplet size and holdup measurements were performed during each run and the integral mean values of the droplet size ^ , were calculated over the relevant column length in each case.

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