Expressive Movement: Posture and Action in Daily Life, by Alexandra Pierce Ph.D., Roger Pierce Ph.D. (auth.) PDF

By Alexandra Pierce Ph.D., Roger Pierce Ph.D. (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0898854695

ISBN-13: 9780898854695

ISBN-10: 1489965238

ISBN-13: 9781489965233

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The attitude is alert, mobilized, receptive, and peaceful. 49 Balance (\ J j( \ ~ i\\ \) ~ il 9 ~ \( ~ Toning the body by finding its designed relationship to the vertical orientation of gravity is like tuning a violin; it brings the parts into a harmonious relationship with one another. What is established by tuning is not simply an arbitrary set of preconceived relationships but a world of creative possibilities, the world of tonality. The pitches have rightness (in an older parlance, "righteousness"), an aliveness to one another, and a hierarchical context that gives them depth, meaning, and feeling.

Imagine a gnat flying around in front of your face. Follow its quick darting with your chin jutted forward, and notice the quality of your head and neck movements. Now perch your head directly above your trunk. Watch the same gnat, and notice the increased delicacy and variety in the movements. Imbalance almost always shortens a body; improving the vertical alignment lengthens it. The three primary curves of the spine (concave toward the rear in the lower back and in the neck, and convex toward the rear in the thorax) are softened (that is, flattened) as the pelvis, ehest, and head align themselves vertically over the arches of the feet.

She directed her glance as if on the sound emanating upward and outward from the strings, every now and then briefly looking downward for a particular technical maneuver. Where her visual and auditory focus had previously been tightly set on the fingers initiating notes, she was now hearing not just the attack points but the entire envelope of each sound. She experienced a heartening renewal of enjoyment in playing, and this too was reflected in the sound: the tone became fuller and more varied, and there was broader scope to the playing, a sense of greater freedom and individuation.

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Expressive Movement: Posture and Action in Daily Life, Sports, and the Performing Arts by Alexandra Pierce Ph.D., Roger Pierce Ph.D. (auth.)

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