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By Arthur Kroker

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Exits to the Posthuman destiny is media idea for an international electronic society which flourishes, and occasionally perishes, on the intersection of applied sciences of pace, far away ethics and a pervasive cultural nervousness. Arthur Kroker’s incisive and insightful textual content provides the rising trend of a posthuman destiny: existence on the tip of applied sciences of acceleration, waft and crash. Kroker hyperlinks key options comparable to “Guardian Liberalism” and Obama’s imaginative and prescient of the “Just War” with a remarkable account of “culture drift” because the essence of actual international technoculture. He argues that modern society monitors becoming uncertainty concerning the final ends of technological innovation and the intelligibility of the electronic destiny. The posthuman destiny is elusive: is it a meeting typhoon of cynical abandonment, inertia, disappearance and substitution? otherwise the improvement of a brand new type of serious realization - the posthuman mind's eye - as a way of comprehending the complete complexity of existence? reckoning on which go out to the posthuman destiny we elect or, possibly, which go out chooses us, Kroker argues very varied posthuman destiny will most probably occur.

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Indeed, the neuro-economist Paul J. ”16 40 Accelerate Like an uncanny repetition of earlier genomic theories by Lombroso concerning the relationship between the shape of the cranium and criminal behavior, this twenty-first-century version of genomics immediately targets autistic children and others who are defined as abnormal due to their apparent lack of social empathy as measured by prevailing standards of genetic expression. Thus, not only do claims for the “moral molecule” and mirror neurons do away with necessarily social explanations with their complex mediations of class and gender and race and ethnicity and power, but they also provide a supposedly scientific basis for new norms of political intelligibility – what is normal and what is not.

Just as genetic drift occurs by chance, producing in its wake unpredictable streams of genetic variation, so too code drift. Code drift cannot be programmed in advance, but occurs by chance variations through unexpected uses, creative applications, and fluctuations in our perception that produce complex technological transformations.

Confronted by the onrushing event of the fully realized technological future, it is in the way of a cautionary tale to read theorists whose thought has grasped immediately and deeply the unfolding ontology of the technological future, rehearsing its power and potential contradictions decades, if not centuries, in advance. In such thought is to be found early intimations of the psychic, social, and political consequences of the fully realized technological society. Here, the theoretical imagination rehearses the stresses and contradictions of a digital culture that literally lives in the complex folds of process mind and traversal consciousness.

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